Kingdom Hearts III for PS4 and Xbox One Finally Shows Up at E3 With Gameplay Trailer

After a long wait, Square Enix finally showcased a new look at Kingdom Hearts III, with a brand new trailer.

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DarkOcelet1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )


Its looks awesome! OMG!

This is Kingdom hearts 3!

Took them long enough, announcing that mobile game before the reveal pissed me off so much.

Also i loved how they used Rage Awakened theme.

-Foxtrot1253d ago

Only thing which scares me is if they can create an intro which tells us the key points about all the spin offs that have related to the main story. They said you had to play Dream Drop Distance to understand this story.

All I know is Sora failed becoming a keyblade master after one mistake yet Rikku passed....which I find silly as Sora who wasn't even chosen to wield the Keyblade, a last resort person, managed to save every world from destruction TWICE and they fail him on one little thing when Rikku lost his heart to darkness straight away.

I mean you would most likely go

"Sora you did mess up once....HOWEVER you did save us all from darkness so I'll let you pass"

Sonital1253d ago

I loved the guy in the audience who was freaking out as he thought he was only getting the mobile game! Was absolutely cracking up!!

Lightning Mr Bubbles1253d ago

Looks like a PS2 game though. I expected better from the graphics.

Kalebninja1253d ago

@Foxtrot you for real? there was a lot more to that games story that connects to kingdom hearts 3. they revealed the new organization 13, Xehanort's plans, new keyblade wielder and the premise of the casts journey in KH3

mikeslemonade1253d ago

Looks okay. It should look better.

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Abash1253d ago

It looks great but it seems like it's still very far away

Name Last Name1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Those looked like young Xehanort and Eraqus.

Magicite1253d ago

Looks unbelievably perfectly marvelously juicyyyyyyyyyy and this thirst will last for long...I want it now :(

Harkins17211253d ago

Its still early. Got plenty of time to make it even better!

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DigitalRaptor1253d ago

It looks incredible!!!!!!! =D

Square is the best publisher this generation without a doubt. What a complete turn around from last-gen.

C L O U D1253d ago

The visuals are stunning, reached the level of the cgi models they used throughout the series

-Foxtrot1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Love the fact they've given him a new costume.

It's like a blend of the first and second games costume

trenso11253d ago

Addressing your comment above, Sora didn't fail due to one mistake it was the fact that Sora and Riku were supposed to go to the realm of sleep and complete their task but the only one to do it was Riku. Master Xehanort sabotaged the test for sora from the beginning and he was trapped in the realm of sleep while Riku was a dream eater helping Sora the whole time( the dream eater sigil is on Riku's back) He also went back to save Sora so that is why he passed and sora didn't because Sora technically didn't participate in the mark of mastery. Which is why Riku was named master.

I do hope they included some synopsis of the 3D so people don't get confused, but I do agree I like the new costume maybe it plays a part in the transforming keyblades like his last set of clothes did.

-Foxtrot1252d ago

Well if he sabotaged the test then it's not really Sora's fault. Surely they would see how it was Xehanort and not him.

After everything he's done he still should have passed.

trenso11252d ago

that is true and in a way i think Yen sid almost did, the only thing separating him from riku was that Rikue didn't hesitate to save Sora at any time, which is ultimately why he passed for selfless and over coming and controlling the darkness instead of being afraid and rejecting it

-Foxtrot1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

The thing is though Rikku gave into the darkness straight away.

I mean it looks pretty bad right? The boy who was supposed to hold the Kingdom Key gave into the darkness before it was even in his hands.

He spent the first game and most of the second within the darkness so when Yen is saying he managed to control it and isn't afraid of it I'm sorry but it took him long enough....this is when Sora managed to face all odds and save everyones arses including Yens as his world would have been destroyed aswell.

I honestly don't think Rikku deserves it to be honest.

Lets not forget Sora spent most of his time in the first game trying to save Rikku

trenso11252d ago

I agree but then i disagree Riku did mess up in beginning but he did prove him self, Sora did save the worlds twice and once with Riku help(xemnas) but the whole time Riku was watching over and saving him. He helped him wake up after CoM he helped him in the shadows all through out KH2 and out of the two he was chosen to have a key blade in BBS the only game he truly faltered in was KH1 ever since then he has been on a road to redemption with hit the climax when he became a keyblade master in KH3D

-Foxtrot1252d ago

I wouldn't mind the redemption but to make him a master first over Sora. It's a bit of gut punch to be honest after everything we've done with Sora.

trenso11252d ago

Yea I was bit taken back at the end of KH3D seeing only Riku become master, but then I thought about it more and it made more sense and I kinda like it this way. Because it doesn't fall into the main character is strong and gets all the good stuff to make him stronger. That he can be surpassed by people around him in certain areas and that's ok not really bad thing at all.

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