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vishmarx1403d ago

still cant believe this game is real

Rumor1403d ago

The game I've waited a whole two generations for. This is the best thing my eyes have laid eyes on in a while

FamilyGuy1403d ago

Duel pistol keyblade tranformation....
That is all.


gaffyh1403d ago

Looks way further in development than I expected, but I don't see anything on it that couldn't be done on current gen. So they must be doing it for next gen because the game probably won't be out for a couple of years.

Looks really fun though, can't wait to play it.

MWong1403d ago

@ FamilyGuy
They sold me with the dual pistol transformation. It looks like the boss fights will be even more epic than previous installments.

Black-Helghast1403d ago

I don't know if my body can handle this...

Enemy1403d ago

Yeah, it almost seems obvious that this was a PS3 game for longer than it was a PS4 game. The graphics aren't exactly mind-blowing. But this is Kingdom Hearts. I play for story and gameplay.

miyamoto1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Now that is Real Next Gen PS4 game visuals!

And KH: 2.5 HD Remix is just around the corner for PS3!

RyuCloudStrife1402d ago

Why does it say Xbox One at the end?!?!?!

Sevir1398d ago

The scale of the Rock Titan Battle is larger than anything we've seen on current generation. KH has always been 60fps affair. There is no way theyd get the Rock titan in that detail running in 60 on PS3.

The graphics are already heads and shoulders above the 360 and PS3, there is a level of smoothness that isnt present on PS3 games. LR:FF13 doesnt even look or run this smooth. The Art direction has makes the game seem as if it can be done on previous generations but art direction is a design choice, not a limitation of hardware. KH3 wouldnt look this good or smooth if it were running on ps3.

Still wierd to see an Xbox One Logo at the end of The Trailer!

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CarlosX3601403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

That. Aladdin. Stage.

I. must. play. this. game.

vishmarx1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

what aladdin stage?
oh wait...WADIYA!!!

LonDonE1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

Nothing i have seen so far cant be done on wiiu, its so annoying that this game isn't going to be released on wiiu, a game like this would be perfect on a nintendo platform!! wtf is up with that?? regardless i will be getting it on the good old Playstation, but still i feel sad for wii u only gamers!! isn't this game supposed to be using direct x 11? and so this was why the developers said it wouldn't be on wiiu?

But wii u can run direct x 10, which pretty much has most of the features which direct x 11 has, so again WTF??? it can handle tessellation and all the other neat tricks, so why cant they make a wii u version? am getting so tired of all the negative crap nintendo is getting!!

Fair enough they have made some stupid cock ups, and i agree that most retarded Nintendrones don't even speak up or criticize Nintendo's mistakes, i for one do speak up, and their are allot of core gamers like me who game on ALL PLATFORMS, and so like to see all platforms treated fairly by publishers and developers! this is getting beyond a joke now!

smashman981403d ago

@londone do you even own a Wii u last I checked only me and 5 other people owned 1 and it can't even handle ps3 360 ports that well how would it do a ps4 Xbox one port. Not only that but this gameplay is clearly prealpha and it looks that good runs that well hell no I don't see a third party ever making a game look that good on Wii u ( or any games for that matter lol) only Nintendo first party stand a chance at looking that good

Gasian1403d ago

Is it a bad thing that I suddenly can't breathe now because the amount of money being thrown at my screen right now?!

Jaces1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

Hope I'm not too lost after all the handheld story branches, can't wait to get my hands on this gem. Big time nostalgia coming from this trailer!

Name Last Name1403d ago

If you only played KH1 and 2 I'm afraid you will be terribly lost. Especially if you haven't played BBB and DDD

-Foxtrot1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

You will be lost, thats what I'm worried about

I would of said to someone a week back "Oh just wait for the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD remix" so you can play Dream Drop Distance but the arseholes at Square haven't put it in

You know the game they said was essential to understand Kingdom Hearts 3 story

Jaces1403d ago

Dammit. Why do they force these DS/PSP story arcs down my throat when all I EVER WANTED was the 3rd in the KH trilogy. Fu*k that, I'll just youtube the major plots and details.

Magicite1403d ago

Same here, only played KH1 and 2.
Oh well, guess theres plenty of time to catch up!

bigrob9041403d ago

do what i did and go to youtube, or i think it's on gametrailers as well are they go through the whole kingdom hearts story line. it brushes you up on the stuff you missed in the games you already played while giving you the story for the games you haven't.

Sevir1398d ago has a 1 hour Video called the Kingdom Hearts Timeline that does a Glorious explanation of the Entire Plot of KH. It explains the history and origins starting with Birth By Sleep Final Mix to KH Final Mix, Chain of Memories. 358/2 Days which run congruent with with final arc of KH1 all the way to the opening chapters of KH2. And of course KH2:Final Mix and Dream Drop Distance which sets the stage for The Xehanort Conclusion in KH3.

I really recommend watching it.

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Magicite1403d ago

Make it happen 2014! Pleassssssse!

ZHZ901403d ago

@Square-Enix, shut up and take my money.

This is gonna be amazing.


3-4-51403d ago

The fighting looked really fun. The stuff at the end on that swing was making me dizzy.

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M-M1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

Looks Like a Pixar movie O_O.

Slade231403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

How do you get a pixar movie from this?

Kalebninja1403d ago

he means it looks that good yea it does

MidnytRain1403d ago

This was like SE's proof. "Yes, this game really does exist!" X)