Tetsuya Nomura Thinks the PS4 is "Too Much"; 8 GB RAM Will Help Considerably with Kingdom Hearts III

Sony Computer Entertainment published a new interview of Tetsuya Nomura about Kingdom Hearts III, as part of the “Conversations with Creators” series. He has some fairly interesting things to say about the PS4.

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Wizziokid1768d ago

Too much is better than too little

georgeenoob1768d ago Show
cannon88001768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


256 mb of ram and 256 mb of xdr ram.

They used every last bit.

oh and that's a last gen console by the way, so what makes you think that sony first party studios wont use all the ram when their games become more complex and have to utilize more ram?

Septic1768d ago


It's called future-proofing.

minimur121768d ago

Did you see the fire spells in the D23 video 0.o

Bathyj1768d ago

256? Were you only using half your PS3?

nypifisel1768d ago


You don't realise how restricted developers been due to the lack of RAM do you? Xbox One have enough memory though it's not fast enough. Evidently even with the eSRAM it will be hard to push 1080p on Xbox One

Eonjay1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

@George... the point is that they could have done more with more resources.

@nypifisel to be fair, even some early titles are gonna have a hard time getting to 1080p. It should still be noted that the Xbox One has an upscaler. I think it will be a while before the Xbox's resources are completely saturated like presently on 360 and PS3

DragonKnight1768d ago

@georgeenoob: Oh hi there, you've been gone awhile haven't you? Firstly, there really isn't a such thing as too much memory. Devs didn't WANT 512mb of memmory, they HAD 512mb memory. They'd have definitely loved more. Secondly, no one cares about or brought up Xbox One so kindly take it elsewhere.

SoulSercher6201768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


Wow that comment proves you have no idea how RAM works or what it is for that matter

isa_scout1768d ago

^^^ I read your comment in the Bill and Ted

nypifisel1768d ago


Upscaling isn't doing IQ that many favours though, it got nothing on native. Xbox One will hang around for a while but I still think MS did a fatal mistake not investing in more powerful hardware, the PS4 will pull ahead (hell we already see it with all PS4 titles so far being announced as 1080p while Xbox One is suffering from 720p and 900p in their exclusives, only 1080p except Forza on the XB1 as far as I know is Cod Ghost!)

Mr_cheese1768d ago

Oi, one bubble. Be quiet.

GirlOnFire1768d ago

Totes! Quiet georgenoob...please. 86 and counting disagrees. ^~^

iceman061768d ago

LOL @ the commercial reference!

pete0071768d ago

256mb gddr3 + 256mb xdr Rambus @3.2 ghz

Freedomland1768d ago

C'mon guys give georgeenoob a breathing space.

RumbleFish1768d ago

Reading first comment, seeing those two disagrees and realizing: there are two boys with way too small ducks in here. Please excuse my bad spelling.

Anarki1768d ago

Only 'cause S-E cannot wont have something to blame when they corner cut now. Their games have been lacking lately.

Ritsujun1768d ago

The clown of the day goes to to GGn00b, again.

Withdreday1768d ago

Isn't Square the company that suggested both consoles use 8GBs of ram though?

I don't get the "too much" comment (unless it was tongue in cheek)

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abzdine1768d ago

i couldn't say less :D

Magicite1768d ago

Too much of Greatness can never be too much :D

Tsar4ever011768d ago

Although he was only joking, He just doesnt need as much memory for the game he's creating on his Kingdom Hearts 3 engine. But I bet All devs don't share that sentiment. 3.5gb is dedicated to the OS/UX and DVR recording. Hopefully like this gen, the memory footprint may expand and more memory would be usable to games as the years go by, maybe from 4.5–5gb to 6.5gb. I BET They're OTHER game engines out there that will probably tax the PS4 memory beyond it's means further down it's lifetime. 8GB may seem like overkill now. BUT Sony made sure the PS4 had longer legs this time. But will 8gb be enough for games creation in around 2018?

Deadpoolio1768d ago

Uh If your talking about the PS4 you know that rumor that 3.5gb dedicated to the OS was debunked right....It's 5.5gb for games with a flexible 1gb extra with the rest going to the OS

Jazz41081768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Too little and too much are all opinions. In my opinion I would rather have a perfect balanced console then having a unbalanced console that's great in certain areas but gives up other important areas. I feel neither the xboxone nor the ps4 are a perfectly balancd console but I do believe they will both have there pros and cons and it will be about this time next year that we have games that can significantly use the consoles strengths which is memory, and 8 cores to name a few. Off topic.. I tried to trade my ps3 in at gamestop for new system next month since they have a 30% bonus right now and I know my system is the smaller one at fat 40 gigs but the offer was for 50.00. I kept it as the bluray player is worth more than 50.00. My point is gamestop has been ripping off gamers from day 1.

Beastforlifenoob1768d ago

Then why cant PS4 play battlefield 4 at 1080p?

And no its not ecause devs dont know the hardware its X86 architecture jsut like PC's. X86 means it has pretty much been already optimized.

So yeah why is it not running @1080p, im not trolling im still buying a PS4 but im simply not believing its "too much"

AbortMission1768d ago

Call it, the "Wii u syndrome"

TheSaint1768d ago

It's all about future proofing it, in 4 - 5 years the games will use most if not all of this RAM.

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sephiroth4201768d ago

yeah they prefer these god damn tablets now ey?

first1NFANTRY1768d ago

Better to have more than less. Even if devs don't use the whole 8gigs it's still better to have the option.

Furesis1768d ago

wasn't it something like 4.5 gigs that they can use? i can be wrong i don't know

first1NFANTRY1768d ago

you may be right i have no idea at this point. guess we'll find out at launch

itBourne1768d ago

I forget, I think it was like 4.5 gigs, and some sort of extra 1 gig for things too.

Dmagic1768d ago

it was 6.5 and the other went to os

Brix901768d ago

4.5 was a rumor it's 6.5 believe

hazeblaze1768d ago

It's 4.5 GB by default, but there is an extra 2GB free floating that devs can allocate if necessary.

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Deadpoolio1768d ago

It's 5.5gb for games with an extra 1gb flexible so basically 6.5 for games and the rest goes to the OS

Chard1768d ago

I understand that Kingdom Hearts is a much loved franchise, but I really don't wanna hear Nomura talk about anything other than Final Fantasy XV for now. For the love of Jeebus just get that game done!

Magicite1768d ago

I must agree on this one and btw I really hope that FF15 will be at least superb game, FF series been in stagnation for too long.

noctis_lumia1768d ago

ppl waited more than 10 years for a Kingdom hearts myself included

so i believe it deserve all the attention
we all know a new FF game is coming every 2-4 years so let KH3 shine

Irishguy951768d ago

Hopefully by Jump festa in December

DigitalRaptor1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

It has to be out by the end of next year at the very latest, it just has to.

It feels like Square Enix have found their focus again.

Eamon1768d ago

Now guys, just imagine a game that fully uses all 8 Gigs of RAM.


AsunaYuukiTheFlash1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Let us wait for Naughty Gods next IP.