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Top 10 Funny Video Game Commercials

49d ago - Providing countless laughs is a sure fire way to create a memorable gaming ad. | PS4

Great moments in media advertisements

865d ago - Digibytes writer Christopher Pascarelli, takes look into the Sony Playstation 3 Kevin butler ads,... | PS3

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Kevin Butler actor settles with Sony over Bridgestone tyre ad

1048d ago - Sony has settled its dispute with Kevin Butler actor Jerry Lambert over is appearance in a Bridge... | PS3

The Best of Video Game Advertising

1051d ago - There's no two ways about it; video game advertising, done well, can make or break a game's chanc... | PS2

The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 20 – Spirit bomb out the butt

1141d ago - We’ve got a short show for you this week because frankly, we’re tired. After surviving a rathe... | PC

Just Press Start Podcast Episode 106: Piss and Vinegar

1142d ago - Lucas of Just Press Start writes: "This week we have the full Cast back with us; Jeff, Luke, I... | PC

Sony Is Losing Ground Heading Into The Holidays

1142d ago - Sony’s showing at Gamescom back in August inspired a lot of confidence in the company. The combin... | PS3

Why the Sony vs Kevin Butler Lawsuit is Bonkers

1144d ago - Pixels or Death's Joseph Rush writes, "Never mind the fact that Sony never actually trademarked t... | Wii

Sony reckons Kevin Butler was in tyre ad, Bridgestone reckons he wasn't

1148d ago - Bridgestone has issued a response to Sony's lawsuit claim, stating that Jerry Lambert was in no w... | PS3

My Opinion: The Sony/Kevin Butler lawsuit

1149d ago - Tanya Valdez writes: Kevin Butler is supposed to be a pre-order bonus for the upcoming LittleBigP... | PS3

Video Game Warzone #173

1149d ago - Sony Sues Kevin Butler Cliffy B leaves Epic Resident Evil 6 review scores HHG, Torrence,... | PC

Sony sues Kevin Butler actor (update: Sony comments)

1149d ago - GamesBeat writes: "The PlayStation spokesperson and faux-executive Kevin Butler is in trouble wit... | Industry

Why the Kevin Butler lawsuit dooms Sony

1149d ago - Sony's lawsuit against Jerry Lambert makes them appear incredibly insecure about the quality of t... | PS3

Sony Is Only Hurting The Playstation Brand By Suing Kevin Butler's Actor

1150d ago - GP writer Jared discusses why he Sony could be hurting the Playstation brand by suing the actor b... | PSP

Kevin Butler Breaks Our Hearts, Advertises Wii For Bridgestone

1183d ago - Kevin Butler, the persona behind one of PlayStation’s rare successful advertising campaigns, has... | Wii

Kevin Butler Responds to PlayStation All-Stars Final Boss Requests

1230d ago - Kevin Butler takes a moment to respond (via Twitter) to the many requests for him as the Boss bat... | PS3

The History of PlayStation Ads: PS3

1366d ago - The release of the PS3 will forever be remembered as Sony’s fall from grace. Having previously de... | PS3

Three Keys to Vita's Success

1390d ago - Kyle of Teh Pwn Gaming writes: Despite boasting a hugely compelling launch library and the mos... | PS Vita

Sony’s Kevin Butler Takes New Position as VP of Bridgestone Football Technology?

1394d ago - RipTen: It seems that Sony just couldn’t offer Mega-VP of Everything, Kevin Butler, enough money... | PS3

Kevin Butler hating on 2011 Top 10 lists

1432d ago - Sony's Kevin Butler obviously hasn't visited N4G as he hits out at Top 10 lists, maybe he's being... | PC

Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest numbered Forza title. | Promoted post

Kevin Butler Promotes Best Buy 3D Display Deal – With a Monster Truck

1463d ago - Kevin Butler, VP of Awesome Videos, has teamed up with Best Buy for another explosive advert, thi... | PS3

Long Live Kevin Butler: Every Single KB Vid Honoring Gamers

1467d ago - After the success of the Long Live Play video to Michael, Kevin Butler embarked on an epic quest... | PSP

Kevin Butler Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Releases Biggest Montage Yet

1468d ago - It’s Thanksgiving, and that means turkeys, awkward family moments and the beginning of Black Frid... | PSP

Kevin Butler Honors The Die-Hard PlayStation Fans

1469d ago - PlayStation is looking to honor its fans, and Kevin Butler is on hand to single out a few of the... | PS3

5 More Kevin Butler Videos

1472d ago - "Yet another set of Kevin Butler videos have surfaced. Five more videos commemorating the epic ac... | PS3
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