Kevin Butler Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Releases Biggest Montage Yet

It’s Thanksgiving, and that means turkeys, awkward family moments and the beginning of Black Friday deals mayhem. To wish everyone in America a happy day of festivities, Kevin Butler has released a long, and action-packed reel of outtakes.

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NukaCola2129d ago

Happy Thanksgiving Kevin Butler!

Dante1122129d ago

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! *gets back to Cheetos and the football game*

SKUD2129d ago

Happy Turkey day to everyone and there families also.

InfectedDK2129d ago

Did you know that KB's last name is Awesome
K.B. Awesome - Kevin Butler Awesome

MariaHelFutura2129d ago

Happy Thanksgiving Native Indians.....

jerethdagryphon2129d ago

thanks you have some pemmikan and squash :)

ginsunuva2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

Thanks for giving us your homeland!

Edit: Well, actually you didn't really give it...

2129d ago
Why o why2129d ago

Happy thanksgiving to you's lot over in the where can i get that kratos picture

Godmars2902129d ago

A Kevin Butler butter sculpture...

Who else wants toast?

stormeagle62129d ago

Kevin Butler butter sculpture...

say that three times fast.

Venjense2129d ago

Butter sculpture was hilarious, the rest not so much.

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The story is too old to be commented.