Sony’s Kevin Butler Takes New Position as VP of Bridgestone Football Technology?

RipTen: It seems that Sony just couldn’t offer Mega-VP of Everything, Kevin Butler, enough money to keep him around.

If you were watching the Super Bowl commercials during the first half, you may have seen a Bridgestone commercial featuring Troy Aikman, Deion Sanders and… Kevin Butler?

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jaredhart1997d ago

I see no reason why he can't be a VP at Bridgestone and PlayStation. He is the Vice President of everything after all...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1997d ago

He's done other commercials since working for Sony. Remember that Honey Nut cheerios commercial?

n4gisatroll1997d ago

He was in bad teacher as well!

xVeZx1996d ago

he was in everybody loves raymond before he was the VP

Snookies121997d ago

Agreed, yet this commercial is a travesty! Why the hell was Lord Kevin Butler only at the very end for like one second!? Guess that was all they could afford of his time...

PaladinXII1997d ago

Other titles he's held during his career:

VP of Line Leading (1st Grade)
VP of Taking out the Garbage (2nd - 8th Grades)
VP of Student Council (High School)
VP of Gamma Delta Iota Fraternity (College)
VP of Unpaid Interns (Graduate School)

The man is a born VP.

BlmThug1997d ago

seems like he'll never be president of something :P

PaladinXII1997d ago

Actually, he is the President of the American Association of VPs.

lsujester1997d ago

Sort of, they don't technically have a president of the AAVP, the highest-ranking member is VP. So he's VP of the American Association of VPs.

Why you ask? Because all important people know you can't be a VP if you are a P. So to remain a VP, you can never by P. A P can also be a VP, but a VP can never be a P. Got it?

RedDead1997d ago

KB is a fictional character created solely as a marketing scheme...not really comparable to Reggie

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The story is too old to be commented.