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GamerPops: The Irony that is Kevin Butler

As great as the Kevin Butler ad campaign may be, the downside is exposing a glaring weakness for the gaming industry. And the more successful he is, the more apparent that weakness becomes. (E3, Kevin Butler, Microsoft, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, PS3, PSP, Sony Computer Entertainment, Wii, Xbox 360)

So Easy I Can Do It  +   1897d ago
"one of the great failings of ...the gaming industry: the media like himself."

Why do people over-analyze things?
ClownBelt  +   1897d ago
It's the only way for them to get hits.
DJexs  +   1897d ago
No kidding right.

If you are hating on KB you have problems. Go do us all a favor -_-
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Gamerbee  +   1897d ago
If youre hating on KB youre just a pathetic fanboy bot. Fin,.
harv711  +   1897d ago
I think this article is on to something. I mean why would you want a commercial everyone liked and thought was funny. Why on earth would you want a spokesman that everyone loved to pitch your product? That's crazy talk.
MiloGarret   1897d ago | Trolling | show
ThanatosDMC  +   1897d ago
Only on N4G. When there's a useless article and the one or two people that are defending it is usually the author or a person from the article's website.

Articles are fine... but this one was just lame.
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ChickeyCantor  +   1897d ago
"If you are hating on KB you have problems. Go do us all a favor -_-"

Wow so much for having an opinion.
Sounds like you have a problem for not accepting the fact some people dont like KB.

Dont be a sheep.
Danteh  +   1897d ago
yeah why do people analyze it so much?

Kevin Butler is a comedian, and he excels at exactly that, making us laugh. Tretton is an executive which presents the games in a simple yet accurate way, enough for me.

I actually think the guy who wrote this article is probably the one with zero personality
Bloodraid  +   1897d ago
Is anyone on N4G literate?
The article is simply saying that the executives and developers really aren't as charismatic as Kevin Butler is. Which makes them seem really dull and boring by comparison.

People need to learn how the hell to read before using a computer. Damn.
sikbeta  +   1897d ago
Is this is a way to get hits, it must be the worst way, I mean "analyzing" KB Jokes + Ads makes you a whiny butthurt fanboy crying over something instead of a "journalist"...
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Kleptic  +   1897d ago
Did you guys read it?...its actually not that bad...

he is only saying that someone so charismatic as KB, makes the 'real' executives look even more lame...

I think anyone would agree that Sony's execs will all drone on a good bit about stuff we don't really care about...but they definitely come off as much less awkward and simply weird than MS's...and this article seems to praise Reggie...which is a first I would imagine, as all he ever does is tells you what you want...'you want online games on your Wii?...what if we told you, they are already EVERYWHERE'...was an infamous line a few years back...
pinkyxyz  +   1897d ago
maybe its because they want hits???
jjohan35  +   1897d ago
The idea of having Kevin Butler is BRILLIANT. The is so because he's an actor, he can get away with poking fun and saying nasty shit about the competition. People can't hate Sony if an actor does it. If David Jaffe starts ridiculing the competition, people would be pissed off enough to not buy his games. This is apparent with Gabe spouting off a bunch of idiotic statement over the years, along with Forza's development team.

This is why we hire lawyers in courtrooms. If the defendant defends himself and makes suggestions that challenge the prosecutor's case, the defendant will only make himself look like a sly ass in front of the jury. Let the lawyer do all the dirty work (in front of the jury) while the defendant stays on the jury's good side.

Same thing with hiring a comedian. Developers should learn to shut their mouths up and let some PR comedian guy do the 'trash talking'. You can't get pissed at a comedian because you'd be an ass for taking a comedian too seriously. And you can't hate a developer when the comedian is doing all the joking and trashing.
Tomdc  +   1897d ago
you should all read the article.. that quote was taken out of context and the article was positive about Kevin Butler..
Downtown boogey  +   1897d ago
The article is excellent! Read it before you post obliviously.
GamerPops  +   1897d ago
If you'd been there for the press conferences, you would have seen it for yourself!
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GARBAGE LICKER  +   1897d ago
"instant hint" hmmm
SuperDopetastic  +   1897d ago
wow,what the fuck is wrong with this guy....KB 4 prez...
jdktech2010  +   1897d ago
I'll say this....not reading the article

I think KB and the marketing is brilliant but I feel like if he's overexposed or too much constant KB comedy makes him less funny. Like at E3, it was awesome at first but then that style of humor got old...he saved it with that moving speech at the end but I hope you get my point.

I hope these commercials stay around for a long time and I bet they will. The marcus ones can go though...already not liking those
GrilledCheeseBook  +   1897d ago
all it speaks about is how Kevin Butler shows how crappy the actual video game corporate spokesman are crappy

its more commending him and bashing every CEO that tries to give a presentation about games and how they somehow make everything seem less cool and boring

he makes the actual spokespeople look bad
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NJShadow  +   1897d ago
Hmmm, very interesting write-up.
niceguywii60  +   1897d ago
All he does is expose the Sony camp's angry demeanor and shady ways, maybe that is why Sony hired him as he reflects the fanbase.

Sort of angry and bitter. Boom buy PS3 now!!!!! and later on we can trash talk the competition.
DarkSpawnClone  +   1897d ago
LMAO WTF how is KB angry and bitter ? Hes hilarious!!..but hurt fanboy.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1897d ago
You're right.

360 fans are all girls.
Girls are always right.
Therefore, you're always right!

Pew pew pew!!!
maddhatter123  +   1897d ago
wow 360 fanboy get stupider everyday on this site. you do realise ms talks the most sh!t out of every company right? at least when sony says something it is usually right. KB made fun of kinect not having buttons and wouldn't be able to have certain types of games and looking at ms' conference they were right. the only people in gaming who are angry and bitter are 360 owners and for good reason. bungie is multiplat now and have already said thier next game is bigger then halo, valve are giving the ps3 the best console version of portal 2, almost all multiplat games have exclusive content on the ps3, the highest rated game on your system is a flop(me2), aw and scc both flopped, you waited months for E3 just to have it suck, the announcement of kz3 over shadowed the reach beta, ps3 exclusives have won goty for the past couple years, the ps3 has the highest rated games, the ps3 has the best graphics etc. i can see why you're mad but leaving comments like yours just makes you even more of a joke then you already are.
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Gamehead36  +   1897d ago
"you waited months for E3 just to have it suck" lmao
Erotic Sheep  +   1897d ago
"the highest rated game on your system is a flop(me2)"

To make statements like this prove you have no idea what gaming is. Real gamers can bash, but they can't bash what is good.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1897d ago
Actually he started taking cheap punches at MS in that long internet ad for Move (greetings from the future). Before that, it was always poking fun on us, gamers, and the situations we live, like your girlfriend watching you playing (I'll file thin under 'not an issue'), browsing internet for rumors (PS3 now 299), your relatives taking over your console (with a stick), people getting so hooked to single player they didn't bother to go online (what's wrong with him?!), and people getting WOWed by sizzles (Mon-tage).

Even afterr that long Move ad, we got the MNR one, which was he poking fun how a guy prepares himself to beat one of those undefeatable friends in the game.

Even at E3 is wasn't that bad. I LMAO when I see a guy in a typical office worker suit talking about people pretending to work while watching E3.

I don't like the direction Sony take KB with that Move ad and at E3 with bad talking competitors, simply because Sony has better things to show that interest me. Personally I don't care if there were a sale of blue ponchos or if this is third grade and everyone wants to go peow peow peow... I want to see more games and attachable situations in that funny way KB ads do. But that said, it was only those 2 times, so saying KB represents whatever you believe it represents is plainly stupid.
Inside_out  +   1897d ago
Kevin Butthurt
Not a big fan of Kevin's. Some things work, others don't. All the make up and declaring himself a representative of gamers everywhere is misplaced and sad. The commercial with him and Jack tretton playing modracers was embarrassing. Explains why modracer sales are so low. The new commercials with the little kid are brutal.

He's a little old for video games. Sony needs a younger, hipper guy with out make up.
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ThanatosDMC  +   1897d ago
Like Aaron Greenburg or Major Nelson?
jeseth  +   1897d ago
You mean...
Aaron Greenburg and his double and triple chin?
the-show-stopper  +   1897d ago
or that marcus rivers kid
krisq  +   1897d ago
Leave the kid alone!
DarkSpawnClone  +   1897d ago
man KB is the best thing to happen to Sony's Ad campaign! its funny how we all know hes not real but we treat him like he is and its really fun its like Christmas brought to you by Sony where Kb is like Santa claws(of gaming), XD KB is a legend!! ..LONG LIVE GAMING!!!
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Obama  +   1897d ago
Everyone loves KB, and everyone hates Aron Greenburg. That seems to be the case.
freezola75  +   1897d ago
Obama is right for 1nce lol
Hey Obeezy, now you need to be going after those BP tricks thats straight destroying the planet!
DJexs  +   1897d ago
now you did it. I can hear the xbots coming to disagree, post random crap, and report all of our posts for flaming.

@TalkingDarkspawn Isn't it just great
SOAD  +   1897d ago
Indeed, the man is full of irons.
KevinButlerVP  +   1897d ago
That's called eating the right kind of breakfast.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1897d ago
Reggie the exception?

He's more plastic than any of them! What the heck?!?

Jack Tretton was a lot more comfortable than he was in previous years.


I miss Kutaragi.

How about having David Jaffe giving the press conference? Or the guy who did Sorcery?


The All-State guy.
the-show-stopper  +   1897d ago
the all-state guy also plays a lead role in the TV series The Unit
personally i think he's a bit too serious
Focker420  +   1897d ago
Jeff Probst
N4BmpS  +   1897d ago
Okay this is probably what Sony said (follow this closely):

Sony Execs 1: we need a new campaign these weird baby doll talking ones are jus plain scary. What should we do?

Sony Exec 2: We should do something funny again like in the old days, oh lets get an actor!

Sony Execs 1: Yeah and we can call him Kevin Butler, but who's gonna play as him? Hmmm...

Months later...

Sony: Congratulations Jerry Lambert, you are now Kevin Butler.

Kevin Butler: >:)

This was completely useless kind of like this article get where I was going? Kevin Butler is a step in the right direction for Sony. Lets keep it that way and not over analyze. That last part is for the over analyzers not the article.
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rakunado  +   1897d ago
If i read the article correctly, the writer wasn't really saying anything bad about Kevin Butler, in fact he was saying he was a great mascot.

He was just saying how Kevin Butler makes all the normal presenters look bad in presentation speeches because all of their speeches in comparison come across as boring and too non-personal. (Although the author did write that sony is using him to point fingers at Microsoft, which is kind of true, though you gotta admit, its a great strategy for Sony).

Kevin Butler though staged, talks very casual and condescending in a comical kind of way people can relate to, which is why he is awesome.

You can have Kevin Butler, or you can have the Konami Press Conference, which one? LOL
sackgirl73   1897d ago | Spam
commodore64  +   1897d ago
"Kevin Butler, the fake Sony executive portrayed so ably by comic actor Jerry Lambert"
This is the essence of Sony in 2010?
Fake, comic, scripted?

Is this is supposed to be cool?
You guys need to get out more.
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DarkSpawnClone  +   1897d ago
Oh look another but hurt fan boy :D!
Kevin butler is more of a man then you will ever be.Hes a part of PlayStation now like a undersized jockstrap "You guys need to get out more" hah yeah, not to be buzzkill mcgee here but a better way spend your time is playing on your ps3 Fighting Boss battles with a 600 Foot tall Greek God who may or may not be your father!!!
Meryl  +   1897d ago
at least it was not all pre-recorded fake content because something cleary did not work despite having a year to fix it's issues
KB is the best thing to happen to advertising for the ps3, i see jelousy everywhere
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RatFuker  +   1897d ago
i agree with you sackgirl.
rbrtchng  +   1897d ago
I can't stand Reggie. Every time he talks, I just want to punch him in the face.
Nicaragua  +   1897d ago
Good article, makes an interesting point.

I just hope that we dont end up with each company trying this for longer presentations, until it completely kills the joke.
telekineticmantis  +   1897d ago
I think jack tretton is a cool dude
KevinButlerVP  +   1897d ago
He's not.
Lombax  +   1897d ago
Not when you forget the lemon.

KevinButlerVP  +   1897d ago
I never do.
2Negative  +   1897d ago
I think the whole KB thing is great. Sony is an electronics/entertainment company. They make movies, music, tv shows, games and the devices to play said media on. It is a smart idea to have the commercials for those products be fun and entertaining as well.

I'm going to go on record and predict that at least one game in the near future will allow you to play the game with a KB skin over your charater. If I had my way I would totally have them do this with God of War 3. I would have way to much fun playing as KB beating on the gods........with a stick.
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pustulio  +   1897d ago
I like him the Ads are really funny. No seriously, they are. But he is nothing more than a funny guy working for sony, people take this way too seriously and i mean all of you the people that hate him, and the people that think he is god.

I like how if you don't like KB you're an "Xbot".

I mean we all know wii users love him as well non-gaming people that watch his ADs, i mean yeah we all love him except 360 fans...

PS3 Fanboys do us a favor... -_-'
sashimi  +   1897d ago
come on guys lets be honest with ourselves we don't want Kevin butler, we want the system logo as some guy's head in our Ads instead. /s

Related image(s)
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kinetic100  +   1897d ago
He was created to advertise Playstation and he's doing a wonderful job. Doesn't matter if you love or hate him, hes in your head. And thats what advertising is about. And for those that don't like him having pops at MS, grow up. I think MS is big enough to defend itself. BMW and Audi are at it all the time.

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ironmonkey  +   1897d ago
KB makes people say i want that. ps3 gets bigger/better, while 360 still gets overheated issues.
kewlkat007  +   1896d ago
This article is on point
No it's not that he doesn't like KB. The games that we enjoy today and the companies tat run them seem to be boring people. I wonder if these big Execs actually play/Beat these games.

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