G4TV's Adam Sessler visits Kevin Butler

G4TV writes:

Sony's VP of Holistic Move Integration, Kevin Butler, is so committed to the cause that he has decided to "move" in with a suburban family, and Adam Sessler stops by to see how it's going.

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TOO PAWNED2772d ago

Andy lol Doberman, nice. KB is cool even when acting like a douche

Christopher2772d ago

This is the type of forward marketing Sony needs to keep doing with their key games and Move. Very glad to see them throwing their money around and wisely using KB in a direction he is best at.

*towards Sessler* Isn't that right Rick?

Cevapi882772d ago

that's a good question andy...classic lol

WildArmed2772d ago


What a jerk.. yet super funny.

Finally broke down and ordered move today.. thanks to the stupid EU pstore update..
it was FULL of move demoes! DMN IT ALL lol

DarkFantasy2772d ago

Lmao i seen this last night..and im gonna watch it again now :D .. lmao "Move...Move in..move in with a family and then BOOM..that was it" " I've got the granddad doing things he didn't even think he could do and probably shouldn't" LOOOOL!! this is just epic sessler is a cool guy but hes not that funny,i do like sessler for the more serious part of gaming he always has some interesting points imo..KB XD

Trebius2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

When he said "Playstation Move, can solve MOST world Crises, And that's a FACT."

I almost spit out my dinner, that made me laugh so hard.

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Xulap2772d ago

This is hilarious. In fact, everything with Kevin Butler is. Even his face is hilarious.

Persistantthug2772d ago





plstcsldgr2772d ago

why not get them together and sell a billion playstations.

koehler832772d ago

Krash Bandicoot. I'm on to them.

Chris3992772d ago

It's difficult enough to sustain the laughs in television/ movies, let alone a year long ad campaign.

These people should be writing comedy. I'd love to see what they could do outside of marketing.

DeathGazer2772d ago

We should go camping together some time. lol

Godmars2902772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )


cliffbo2772d ago

er... you've lost me there. irony? sarcasm? surrealism?

Godmars2902772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )


Though seriously, and I'm wondering why I'm the one bring this up for the first time if I am, doesn't this new KB commercial remind anyone of an Xbox 360 one done awhile back with the woman from Glee? She just pops into some family home situation, and though the power of a pre-Kinect 360, takes it over?

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