Sony Is Only Hurting The Playstation Brand By Suing Kevin Butler's Actor

GP writer Jared discusses why he Sony could be hurting the Playstation brand by suing the actor behind one of their most famous mascots.

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CalvinKlein2107d ago

I never liked him anyways so I dont care, but thats rough hes just the working man and they are looking for money trying to keep him down because he played with his wii.

jujubee882107d ago

He gained his popularity among the gaming audience through a long line of PS3 commercials.

Without those commercials, he would have just been known by a few people in the gaming sphere through the sitcoms he has appeared in.

Kevin ButIer2107d ago

Note title should said: Sony Is Only Hurting My wallet By Suing Kevin Butler's Actor

jujubee882107d ago

@Kevin ButIer

Duly noted.

knowyourstuff2107d ago

The actor isn't being sued, Bridgestone is being sued, for having some strange affiliation with the Nintendo Wii... lol really strange if you ask me.

Sony will have destroyed their relationship with Kevin Butler the actor, which only goes to show this decision to sue was done solely by Sony's lawyers looking to make money in court. Now Kevin Butler won't be in ANY future commercials, and Sony went along with the short term cash of suing rather using the character in future marketing campaigns. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Lawyers ruin everything!

And what is this Kevin Butler doing anyway working for directo competitors? Doesn't anyone have any loyalty anymore? Is Sony not paying him enough? He should know Sony would be pissed at him for promoting a directo competitor, I mean what is that! If he runs a marketing campaign and has made his own image a central part of each advertisement, then you can't expect to use your likeness to go and promote a direct competitor!

DarthJay2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

What exactly is your point? People only knew Mark Hamill for a while because he was Luke Skywalker. Is Luke Skywalker the only character he should have ever been allowed to be?

I could literally go on and on and on. Yeah, the guy got a break of sorts because the Kevin Butler character was popular with gamers, but how much do you people think he actually made on those commercials? MAYBE 5K per? Probably a whole lot less.

The lawsuit is a joke. I don't see anything alleging he had a no compete clause, and he didn't use the Kevin Butler name. No leg to stand on.

jujubee882107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Why are people arguing at me?

I just stated a fact, I never said I would make an argument or counter the arguments thrown at me.



MAJ0R2106d ago

You are so wrong. Sure the Kevin Butler character give him recognition in the gaming world, but he is popular for doing hotel ads for Holiday Inn, as well as other commercials.

darthv722106d ago

just stupid. you gamers know nothing about the advertising business. I wont pretend to know either so it is what it is.

I can say this though. Sony can really only sue for the use of KB outside their marketing division if that is the character he was portraying.

An example. the person who plays the voice of bart simpson was doing a promo for something completely unrelated to the simpsons. That did not go against her contract (yes the voice of BS is played by a woman) however she inadvertantly went into bart voice mode during the promo and that was a violation.

she got sued or they settled but ultimately her using the character voice without authorization was the wrong doing. Not just simply doing something else.

So for whatever legalities, sony thinks they can sue these guys for him doing his job as an actor (an unrelated actor) by way of simple association of him in a tire commercial that included a wii.

For shame sony...for shame.

Information Minister2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

If he had a non-compete clause in his contract that prevented him from advertising anything related to gaming products not manufactured by Sony, than he absolutely had to see this one coming!

The commercials Jerry Lambert did for Sony are probably the reason why Bridgestone noticed him in the first place. The conflict of interests is obvious!

We don't have all the details of how the different companies involved in this matter interacted with each other (intentionality, foul play, etc...), but it's safe to say that Sony is hurting the Playstation brand as much as Lambert is hurting his own company.

t0mmyb0y2106d ago



lol that is all

nukeitall2106d ago

Kevin Butler Vice President of the making Nintendo awesome?

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fei-hung2107d ago

No. The only person this article is hurting is the idiot who wrote it.

Where are all these troll journalists coming from?!

barb_wire2107d ago

Well, I guess it depends on what kind of contract HE signed with Sony.. for all we know the contract could've stipulated that he can't appear in any ad's (print or TV) showing him with another console other than Sony PS line.

Legion2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Again they are not suing the actor they are suing the companies for using the Kevin Butler character. Which they DID NOT. No mention of the character name or any resemblance to the Kevin Butler other then the fact he looks the same (duh) and he is playing a video game.

So Sony is basically saying they patented his likeness? Not possible...

Why didn't they sue David Hayter for voicing another character in a video game other then Medal Gear? His voice is just as identifiable.

And Michael Ironside doing anything outside of Sam Fisher will mean what? He can't use his voice anymore?

Thatguy-3102107d ago

People are making it seem that the ps3 fan base is going to rally behind the Butler persona. The majority of the ps3 install base have no idea or even bother to pay attention to this character. The only ppl who know him are folks that go to blogs and gaming websites on the daily bases which isn't a lot of the install base. Don't see how this can hurt sony.

StraightPath2107d ago

sony just seem like a jealous envious butthurt money grabbing organisation.

Anon19742107d ago

Ridiculous. If some random company came out and started advertising with the Master Chief, you'd better believe they'd have to answer for it. Would that ensuing lawsuit hurt the Xbox brand? Of course not.

Sony pr created the character. Obviously the actor needs to work but you don't see Daniel Craig going around using Bond to sell items and cash a paycheck.

And obviously Bridgestone knew they stepped in it because they edited Kevin Butler out of the commercial.

Finally, Sony isn't suing the actor. They're suing Bridgestone and the actor's company (which he just happens to be ceo of, I understand). Everyone involved should have known better and I'm sure this will settle out of court quickly enough.

JellyJelly2107d ago

"If some random company came out and started advertising with the Master Chief, you'd better believe they'd have to answer for it."

That's a bad example and strays from the truth. A correct example would be:

"If some random company used the guy who played Master Chief but in a different role, with no name, advertising tires for Bridgestone."

I think the thing is Sony's lawyers didn't write a proper contract with Lambert, and now they're getting greedy. Only hurting themselves. Seriously, where is the win for Sony in sueing Lambert?

JD_Shadow2106d ago

So Jerry isn't allowed to ever take another acting role again just because his face is owned by Sony by some backwards logic?

joeorc2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

"Finally, Sony isn't suing the actor. They're suing Bridgestone and the actor's company (which he just happens to be ceo of, I understand). Everyone involved should have known better and I'm sure this will settle out of court quickly enough."

agreed, and when this news was put on here in Sunday, the person who posted it failed to read the reference legal doc's. Or maybe they did and decided the bad PR damage was worth it anyway to show Sony in a bad light, when in the reference doc's part 14 the Sony's Legal Team already moved the case to be moved An ex parte decision is one decided by a judge without requiring all of the parties to the controversy to be present.

in other words like you stated it was being moved to outside of the court case, and the Hint of that was Bridge Stone pull jerry out of the TV Ad. does that tell you what happened. it was a Breach of contract , and its being settled already.

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NYC_Gamer2107d ago

We can't speak on who is right or wrong.None of us have a copy of the contract that was signed by both parties..Its all business for these companies at the end of day and sometimes things get ugly.

MHenderson2107d ago

Damn right, the people love him. Sony's most disappointing move with All-Stars is not having him as a playable character.

richierich2107d ago

Kevin Butler wasnt even funny on either side so I dont see the difference or what the fuss is about

PopRocks3592107d ago

Legally it may or may not be an appropriate move. It's just unfortunate, given that the chance of more Kevin Butler ads is now pretty slim. I really liked those ads too.