Kevin Butler Breaks Our Hearts, Advertises Wii For Bridgestone

Kevin Butler, the persona behind one of PlayStation’s rare successful advertising campaigns, has jumped ship and is advertising the Nintendo Wii. - PSLS

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Sev1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

So that's where he's been.

Edit: Hahahaha, awesome picture!

tehpees31997d ago

"its the year 2012 and Wii is a success". "Look forward to playing me in Smash Bros".

Jockamo1997d ago

Bonus round: Where's PSP Go's Marcus?

Sev1997d ago

Marcus was last seen playing the DS while sitting in front of a Xbox 360 - in short, he defected too.

pixelsword1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Now Nintendo can claim that they Made Kevin Butler up first...


It's Sony's job (or at least the marketer's job) to make commercials and spote for the actor playing KB; if they don't, it's not his fault someone offered him something: a man's gotta eat.

Pushagree1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

It's amazing how people's opinions can be so easily bought and sold. If you are a spokesperson for a product, it should be because you genuinely like that product, not because somebody is paying you the largest sum for it. Does no one have any sense of principal anymore? Are we really just subject to the will of whoever is writing the checks? Kevin Butler is no better than a common prostitute. He sells himself to the highest bidder in order for them to get him to do whatever they want him to do.

inveni01997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Dude..."Kevin Butler" is not a "spokesperson". He's a paid actor. Before Sony, no one knew or cared about KB. Then, he showed up at E3, probably asked for a raise, and Sony said, "You aren't what you think you are," and dropped him. Now, he's out looking for work, and Nintendo (in this case, Bridgestone) was hiring. You'll probably see him with a small role on some Law and Order (are there any left) or CSI (ditto) pretty soon, or even in some arbitrary movie as the gas station attendant or something.

"Kevin Butler" is a nobody who has a family to feed.

DocEvil1996d ago

that was clearly an attempt to copy the I am Canadian ad format and nowhere near as good either (if you aren't Canadian you probably won't understand)

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xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Yes he is, yet he still gets this demotion to Nintendo rank. lolz (yes i went there)

The economy is hurting everyone >_<

Psp Marcus is probably getting demoted to 3DS as we speak lmao jk jk!!! eh not really.

ronin4life1997d ago

except he would most definitely be paid more at Nintendo...

I hardly see how going from a company constantly in the red to a company who posted losses once in 30 years could be a demotion...

srcBFMVBMTH1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )


He wasn't joking when he said he pledges his allegiance to gaming.

One of the most epic speeches I've heard in all history.


We all know going from core to casual is a demotion. No use to trying to argue :)

Bathyj1997d ago


Winston Churchill
Martin Luther King
The Rock

They've got nothing on the E3 Kevin Butler Speech.

Bathyj1997d ago

Syntax, I think we all realise its a character, not a real person, and we are discussing him as such.

Relax, no one is taking this too seriously.

Except maybe you.

Jazz41081997d ago

Oh well theres always Michael

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Hatsune-Miku1997d ago

I thought Nintendo doesnt copy. Lol, joking, propably, I'm serious, I can't wait for the Wii u.

kikizoo1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

It's not nintendo, it's just bridgestone and his clients : old people most of the time, not gamers, and they only know wii (bowling :)) you have to show something they understand.

*[email protected] arc, now xboytroll multiaccount, and others desperated gamers, looking at this bridgestone add like a victory XD (favorite sports for them : denial and lies)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

lol If people care they need to grow up.. I am sure he was not some hardcore ps3 gamer. He is just making a living! Would be fun to see him advertise wiiU!

MAJ0R1997d ago

Look up Jerry Lambert commercials on youtube. He is a professional actor. His image was only meant to be temporary with Sony.

Eventually it died down, and he moved on to do other commercials.

Gamer19821997d ago

Kevin butler isn't even his real name. His real name is Jerry Lambert. He's an actor so does this even matter? As its not technically Kevin Butler in the video. If Sylvester Stallone was in the video you wouldn't say it was Rocky would you?

People need to grow up and realise he needs to pay bills like the rest of us.

Reverent1997d ago

Completely understand, but you have to admit, it's still a little painful to watch. It's like seeing your ex girlfriend with another guy. Sure, you're glad she's happy and being taken care of, but it still hurts a little inside. Lol.

Reverent1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

@Syntax, what's really pathetic is that you're actually getting over offended by all of this when really, no one is actually taking it seriously. There is a very good reason your comment got marked for "Immature". Keep up comments like that, and you're not gunna last long around here. You're bubbles won't anyways.

Trunkz Jr1997d ago

He's gotta feed his family somehow don't blame the guy for wanting to stick to the gaming industry.

black9111997d ago

Maybe Sony and Nintendo are joining Forces?

JellyJelly1997d ago

Yeah, that must be it. /s

Aceman181997d ago

i don't see the issue here he's an actor, and i thought it was pretty cool to see him playing it lol.

i love his sony ads, and this is more a tire ad than wii ad lol.

harrisk9541997d ago

It's a Bridgestone commercial with a Wii promotion from Bridgestone....not a Wii commercial from Nintendo. He isn't being paid by Nintendo, he is being paid by Bridgestone.... just sayin'.

zeddy1997d ago

he's an actor not a hardcore sony fan. he needs to work and make a living, it wouldnt suprise me if he did an ad for the xbox either.

subtenko1997d ago

People need to realize that he isn't playing Kevin Butler in the ad. As someone stated, this is a Bridgestone commercial featuring product placement for Nintendo.

Jerry Lambert seems like a cool person regardless of who he is doing commercials for. If he ever decided to leave PS, I wish him the best anyway. I just hope he keeps making funny commercials or stars in a movie or somethin. "Even though we may pledge fanboy allegiances to different flags.." :)

Jockamo1997d ago

Haha, wasn't expecting a reply that awesome! Bubbles!

SilentNegotiator1997d ago

I never thought I'd read "Wii for Bridgestone"

morkendo231997d ago

kevin butler is not the issue here he's just a sales model for advertisment for said company to get a image of said company product accross to gamers. SONY is the corprit mr. butler is just a PUPPET for anyone who hire him. dont blame KEVIN all he's doing is making bread for his family.

DA_SHREDDER1996d ago

He loves gaming, including Nintendo. Look, even Nintendo agrees the future has buttons.

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tachy0n1997d ago

ლ(ಥ_ಥლ) why kevin, why...

Godmars2901997d ago

You'd rather it be an Xbox?

AzaziL1997d ago


Perfect timing, been driving on treads, now I'll get four tires and a wii, sweet.

Relientk771997d ago

Kevin Butler why?


good commercial tho, as always with him

ftwrthtx1997d ago

I wonder how much they paid him.

subtenko1997d ago

Yea I wonder the same thing. Would be interesting to see if they weighed in on how he is such a popular hit with PlayStation.

daggertoes831997d ago

Now I want him in PS all stars so I can take him down.