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Goat Simulator: A Joke Over My Head

1d 17h ago - Goat Simulator is barely a game, but it’s even less of a joke. | PC

Goat Simulator Review | NZGamer

5d ago - NZGamer: pretty sure Goat Simulator is a joke, and I’m also pretty sure I’m the butt of that jok... | Xbox One

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

The weirdest gaming crossovers ever

13d ago - Survival horror with jetpack goats? That’s nothing compared to these curious mashups. | PC

The Patch #103

13d ago - The Patch Discusses Oculus Rift | PC

Hideo Kojima Shows up in Goat Simulator Credits

14d ago - The makers of Goat Simulator add Hideo Kojima to their credits, and even offer him a job. | PC

Rage Quit - Flappy Goat in Goat Simulator

14d ago - Michael has given in . He has decided to do it. The game within a game that everyone dreads. | Culture

Goat Simulator Review - TXH

15d ago - James writes - "Now it’s made the leap from PC to Xbox consoles after developmental work from Dou... | PC

Goat Simulator getting GoatZ survival DLC

16d ago - Eurogamer: Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain Studios has announced GoatZ, a new DayZ-inspire... | PC

Goat Simulator Xbox One review | Games Radar

22d ago - GR:"'Ready! Steady! Goat!' Seriously, Coffee Stain Studios? That's the best you could do? It didn... | Xbox One

Top 5 Easy 1000 Gamerscore Games - Part 3

24d ago - Kdin, Geoff, and Matt (now with working microphone) bring you five more games with an easy 1000GS... | Culture

Goat Simulator - GaotVille Achievement Guide

27d ago - Michael and Gavin travel to GoatVille and show us how to get 10 simple(ish) achievements in Goat... | Xbox One

No Multiplayer Planned for Goat Simulator on Xbox One

27d ago - Exclusive news from the developers of Goat Simulator, confirming that there will be no multiplaye... | Xbox One

Chatting About Purgatory and Glitches Too Good to Remove in Goat Simulator

28d ago - "Goat Simulator hit Xbox One and Xbox 360 last week, bringing insane physics and caprine-based de... | Xbox 360

Goat Simulator Review – This is One Baaaaaad Game | COG

28d ago - In this open-ended third-person perspective game you control a goat where your goal is to smash s... | PC

Goat Simulator review | This is Xbox

29d ago - Greg Giddens from This is Xbox writes "Goat Simulator is purposely broken, the glitches are left... | Xbox One

First Stryke: Goat Simulator Gameplay - How Fun Can "Dumb Fun" Be? Play As A Goat To Find Out

29d ago - A Short Pause member tries out Double Eleven's completely absurd, but undeniably fun, Goat Simula... | Xbox 360

GamesAsylum - Goat Simulator - Review

30d ago - GamesAsylum: "Goats will eat anything. Although I knew they were partial to the odd baseball cap... | Xbox 360

ZTGD | Goat Simulator XB1 Review

31d ago - Ken McKown writes: Goat Simulator should have only been novel once. This stupid physics simulator... | Xbox One

N4G Radio 04/20/2015

32d ago - Finish Him! There is a full house this week as the guys get brutal with MKX, play word associati... | PC

Goat Simulator Review | Complete Game Reviews

32d ago - The reviewer writes: "Ok, I’m going to start off this review by saying that Goat Simulator is one... | PC

N4G Radio

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EP45: From Goats to Oats | Gamerscore Whores Podcast

32d ago - Shady Armik writes "In this weeks video podcast we discuss Goat Simulator, Farming Similar 2015,... | PC

Goat Simulator Review | Mouse N Joypad

32d ago - by Johnny Walsh on April 18, 2015: Every now and again a game appears that simply makes no sense... | Xbox One

Goat Simulator Review | XBA

33d ago - XBA: How in the hell do you even review a game like Goat Simulator? That's a question I've been... | Xbox One

The Greatness of Goat Simulator

34d ago - The weird simulator where you play as a crazy goat with the longest tongue ever and a taste for m... | PC

Goat Simulator Review | PressA2Join

34d ago - Dan from PressA2Join writes "There is a quote on the Goat Simulator website that proudly reads “G... | Xbox 360
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