January PlayStation Plus Games Are Now Available in Asia with a Different Lineup

Spottis: PlayStation Plus Free Games for January 2017 are now available in PlayStation Store Asia (Singapore). The list is slightly different than the lineup which were announced earlier.

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michitarnat647d ago

Wish I could link my ps plus account to multiple region then download the goat simulator.

joab777646d ago

I download all their demos. I know people are bitching about the games but This War of Mine is pretty damn good!

SaveFerris646d ago

I hope Alienation will be a future PS+ title for the UK store.

theshredded646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

Dammit, Alienation would be worth downloading atleast. Too many games and barely enough space so I only download the best. Frickin PS4 og model and their 500 Gb space...