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Andrea Tobiichi of Boss Dungeon reviews Goat Simulator, calling it "an open world skateboard game where the skateboard is a goat and the sport is unleashing havoc" and "beautiful in a way".

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djplonker1427d ago

Not a "baaa'd" score as long as the developer doesn't "milk" this series it could lock "horns" with a shoe tying simulator.... I "kid"

(Ok I was trying way to hard :P)

Allsystemgamer1427d ago

My god. Imagine octodad tying a shoe. I'd probably go mad.

PoSTedUP1427d ago

"I 'kid'" saved your whole comment :). +bub.

nix1427d ago

wow... really? a goat simulator? crazy!

Allsystemgamer1427d ago

It's hilarious. Best indie ever lol. Climb a crane as a goat and swing like Spider-Man with your tongue and knock over a bunch of dancing douches lol

PersonMan1427d ago

It's coming April 1st. I'm pretty sure this is a joke.

Rask1427d ago

I'm already playing it. It's freaking AMAZING! lots of laughs

Silly Mammo1427d ago

Will there be DLC with new and different things for my goat to consume?

Rask1427d ago

There's support for Steam Workshop, there will be lots of great custom maps and goats from the community.

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