Heads Up: Goat Simulator is Free on Xbox One and Xbox 360 Today

Today on Xbox One and Xbox 360, the barmy YouTube-bait Goat Simulator is free to download and play. However, it's not a forever keepsies and is literally just for today. Skittles has teamed up with the guys at Xbox to bring a bit of fun to an otherwise rainy afternoon (assuming it's raining in your part of the world.) - The Games Cabin

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XBLSkull1167d ago

Pretty sure the article is too late, that being said this carried me over the 100K+ GS today. XBL beta tester to many, many years later.

Ciporta19801167d ago

Lol I recently broke 100k too. Been with Xbox live 9 years. Now on 100,600 gamerescore!!!!

Mikey941167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

NO LIFE!!!!! Im a 9 year gold member shared my account with multiple people have had over like 100+ games on 360 and only have a 77k gamerscore.

XBLSkull1167d ago

Don't take it out on me that all you and your friends suck at games.

Jmanzare1167d ago

Been with xbl 12 years don't have 100k though I'm at 80k
On topic: why do I even buy games anymore if they always free. The last couple games with gold games I already own of xb1 and 360

nowitzki20041167d ago

Maybe you would have waited too long to play those games?

Jmanzare1165d ago

Lol I still haven't played a lot of games I own because of my backlog. Da3 I bought full price and it's available ea access and tomb raider this month was on sale in the summer if I remember correctly.