7 of the Weirdest, Strangest and Downright Bizarre Games Ever Made

COG writes - Have you ever played a game where you thought to yourself "This is probably the strangest thing I've ever seen"? There's no shortage of bizarre games out there, we know that, but here's a list of 7 of the weirdest ones we've come across.

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MercilessDMercer794d ago

Hahahaha Shaq fu!!! I forgot that existed!!

MRBIGCAT794d ago

That is a messed up list of games from Bizarro World.

GrapesOfRaf794d ago

Oh wow, I was totally unaware MJ had a moonwalking game. I really would have added LSD: Dream Emulator though. Hands down strangest game ever made.

generalwinter794d ago

I remember Moonwalker! Damn that was bad.

Digital_Anomaly794d ago

Can I be the first to say that the whole 'wiener sticking out of my head' look of Seaman makes what's already slightly disturbing into something really, REALLY disturbing?

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The story is too old to be commented.