Five games you would not believe exist

Some games are so strange that one would not possibly believe they exist. Here are the top five games you would not believe could exist or attract any kind of real audience.

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wastedcells1321d ago

Lmao. That's all I have to say about that. Knew about goat simulator but the other 4.........ya

Sillicur1321d ago

Yah still cant believe Goat Simulator actually exists!

These simulation games are getting out of hand, especially Rock Simulator! lol

BiggerBoss1321d ago

I've actually been tempted to buy goat simulator off of steam, but I keep deciding against it. Rock simulator though? Game of the year!!

lord zaid1321d ago

Weird as these may be, I think its great we have this level of diversity in the kinds of games available. Brilliant.

Sillicur1321d ago

True, i guess there has to be someone who cant wait for something like Hatoful Boyfriend. I would have loved to see how many pre-orders it has :)

nope1111321d ago

That cat is like: "ZOMGZ"

creatchee1321d ago

When I saw the cat, I immediately thought of No Luca No being on this list.

DesVader1321d ago

This was such an entertaining list - such weird games. Tree simulator LOL, in fact, all of them are a laugh.

rodiabloalmeida1321d ago

It's an underated classic. Try it.

HanCilliers1321d ago

I'm almost curious now :)

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The story is too old to be commented.