5 Wired Simulator Games That Actually Exist

You know it’s strange when one of the biggest stories is the arrival of a bread simulator. But indeed, I Am Bread has landed on Steam with Early Access. That makes it quite a banner year for simulator games. Here in this list of 5 most wired Simulator Games That Actually Exist and you can play as a Bread or play as a Goat.

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faisalsheikh141249d ago

i love this - I AM BREAD and Goat Simulator game, best games ever.

slayer2541249d ago

Honestly..... Never ever played even one of these... Really they are games? :-P

vishmarx1249d ago

obviously you are not of the master race

only the elite have access to such demanding behemoths

usman31441249d ago

this IM Bread was so funny and Goat Simulator was out of the world.

gamehunter1249d ago

This hatoful boyfriend looks something new in gaming.

YamiMarik1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Wired? Is that a typo? Do they mean weird?

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