Goat Simulator : You won’t believe the stuff you can do in this Baaah-rilliant Indie | WCCF Review

WCCF: This is the review of the Baaaah-rilliant Indie Masterpiece that took the gaming Industry by storm. The game is an easy 10/10 (the score didn't allow us an 11/10) and you just won't believe some of the stuff you can do in this game

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codelyoko1482d ago

Did i mention this goat can do satanic rituals? ^^

1482d ago
vishmarx1482d ago

this game needs a collectors edition

Nuk1482d ago

Its already been announced as a DLC. It will be available only on origin, but you can upgrade your edition for 59.95. Includes a new NPC skin.

josephayal1482d ago

Being goat was never so good

WeAreLegion1482d ago

I've spent all day in the majestic Goat Tower.

codelyoko1482d ago

Shhh.... People still dont know about that hahah.

Audiggity1482d ago

I already love this game. The promo video up on Steam was fantastic. A spoof on Dead Island.

codelyoko1482d ago

Yeah, that was pretty gg. I had that 'not bad' expression on my face when i watched it :P

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The story is too old to be commented.