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8 Ten-years-old MMO Games You Might Be Missing Out

1d 18h ago - In the past ten years, there are too many transitory online games. And those games which have exi... | PC

CCP Games CEO Teases Possible Gear VR Project for EVE Fanfest Reveal

6d ago - VRFocus- CCP Games is currently working on what has to be one of the most anticipated virtual rea... | Android

EVE Online's Proteus update makes sneaky ships sneakier and asteroids prettier

13d ago - EVE Online has received it’s first update of 2015 in the form of Proteus, released today. | PC

EVE Online's Proteus Released Now

14d ago - Following CCPs promise to expand and grow EVE Online and following last month's Rhea release, Pro... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Three Great Changes CCP Made to EVE Online

19d ago - If you didn't know, Nate Tabbert likes EVE Online. If you haven't played in a while, Nate covers... | PC

EVE Online shares historical player age distribution spanning 125 months

19d ago - CCP’s newest EVE Online video is a visual feast for the eyes, showing a distribution graph of all... | PC

The Amazingly Complex and Extensive Universe of Eve Online

30d ago - The years almost ending; websites are releasing their “Top 10 best of 2014″ game lists. On virtua... | PC

EVE Valkyrie, An Introduction

42d ago - Come with us, as we look at what we know about EVE Valkyrie currently, and why we're excited to p... | PC

New EVE Online Update, Rhea, Launches Today

49d ago - Twinfinite writes: EVE Online is entering its twelfth year of gameplay, and as usual, the dedicat... | PC

CCP Hanging Out at EVE Online

62d ago - EVE Online isn’t exactly an easy game to get in to. It has a steep learning curve that for some i... | PC

EVE Online Uses Player Comms to Create a Truly Inspirational Trailer

66d ago - In September, EVE Online asked players to submit their exciting comms recordings, only saying, “t... | PC

EVE Online Adding New Wormholes

74d ago - CCP Games has been on an aggressive release schedule for its flagship MMORPG, EVE Online. Current... | PC

EVE Online Launches Newest Update

82d ago - On November 4th CCP launched Phoebe, its newest update for its strategy space MMORPG, EVE Online.... | PC

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week Update: Eve Online, Paradox Games, Assassin's Creed Titles (75% Off)

83d ago - Techtorial: Amazon just updated its digital games inside Countdown to Black Friday featuring titl... | PC

EVE Online uses jump fatigue to discourage long-distance travel

88d ago - Joystiq: "EVE Online is preparing to deliberately slow down pilots with the introduction of ju... | PC

Eve Online Interview At EVE Vegas

90d ago - CCP Games developer Andie Nordgren discusses new expansions and gameplay for EVE Online, the spac... | PC

Watch This: EVE Vegas 2014 Keynote

97d ago - Last weekend witnessed the most recent iteration of EVE Vegas; the next best thing America has ha... | PC

Eve Online's New Event Will Change the Galaxy Forever

110d ago - Exciting things are happening in the Sci-Fi Space MMO EVE Online. A new post from CCP on their of... | PC

Lonely Planet: EVE Online To Change Long-Distance Travel

116d ago - This is interesting. CCP are making changes to long-distance travel in EVE Online, “with the aim... | PC

EVE Fanfest 2015 Details Revealed

117d ago - GamingShogun.com writes, "CCP Games, a leading independent developer of massively multiplayer gam... | PC

LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out the latest adventure of Sackboy and his friends. | Promoted post

CCP Talks About EVE Online Oceanus Update in New Developer Video

124d ago - CCP released a new video today detailing all the changes players can expect with the upcoming Oce... | PC

EVE Online Announces New Update Oceanus

125d ago - CCPs flagship MMORPG EVE Online is getting another massive update. For over ten years now CCP has... | PC

The 10 Most Hardcore MMORPGs of All Time

135d ago - A Listing of the best of the best in the MMO genre, but without Everquest?!?! What do you think? | PC

New World Vision: Oculus & Eve

160d ago - MMOGames's Jonathan Doyle talks about his first-hand experience with Oculus Rift on Eve Online.... | PC

EVE Online Has A New Executive Producer

186d ago - CCP Games has announced today that their sc-fi MMO game EVE Online has a new Executive Producer:... | PC
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