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EVE Online makes you a science contribuitor

23d ago - EVE Online has added a mini-game that it's used to help out the Human Protein Atlas project | PC

EVE Online Player Builds Cool Control Panel To Make Things Easier

47d ago - Kotaku: "You don’t need fancy VR sets to enjoy EVE Online. You only need a an additional spaceshi... | PC

See What TV Series Premiers this Month

Now - Check Releases.com for a complete overview of season premiers this November. | Promoted post

Character Creator: 5 Video Games With Extensive Character Customization

91d ago - Gamerant A game with a good character creator has a significant edge over other games in its g... | Culture

Games Like: EVE Online

92d ago - This week, Steven is counting down the games for those of you looking for EVE Online without the... | PC

CCP's Next Big Thing: Gunjack, Valkyrie, and other VR Stuff

109d ago - MMOGames' Final Frontier columnist gives her thoughts on and CCP's development past and present. | PC

Pew Pew! Militia Complex Combat in EVE Online

114d ago - This week's Final Frontier takes a look at the exciting world of militia complex combat in EVE On... | PC

Assault Frigates: Down But Not Out

128d ago - EVE Online's assault frigates are still a lot of fun post tiericide. This article looks at each s... | PC

This EVE Online Video is Absolutely Hilarious (And a Little Scary)

129d ago - If you played MMORPGs in the past, and engaged in guild activities, especially of the raiding sor... | PC

What Is EVE:Gunjack?

131d ago - CCP Games, of EVE:Online, Valkyrie and DUST514, recently registered the trademark EVE:Gunjack We... | PC

EVE: Aegis Successfully Deployed and Other News

141d ago - Aegis has successfully launched, bringing new graphics, ships, and missile guidance to EVE Online. | PC

The Final Frontier: A Guide to EVE Online Margin Trading For Newbies [Part 3]

149d ago - The third chapter of A Newbie’s Guide to Margin Trading. MMOGames columnist Steven Messner begins... | PC

Eve Online's Player Population at Its Lowest Since 2008

149d ago - In recent months, the amount of players logging in to EVE has decreased drastically and is in fac... | PC

EVE Fanfest 2016 Announced and Eyecatching New Website

163d ago - EVE Fanfest 2016 has a date, folk! The website has been updated to a newer model and we now know... | PC

5 Things We Would Change in MMORPGs

167d ago - This week on Listed, the MMOGames team is getting all grumpy and discussing the things in MMORPGs... | PC

The Final Frontier: A Guide for Margin Trading for Newbies (Part 2)

170d ago - Want to become filthy space-rich in EVE Online? Last time, Steven Messner has welcomed us to the... | PC

EVE Online players get to blow up the game's biggest ship after hitting charity goal

171d ago - On July 4, EVE Online's pilots will get to trash one of the game's famous supercapital ships — th... | PC

The Final Frontier: Learning From The Best, Agony Unleashed

177d ago - Agony Unleashed is one of the foremost PVP corporations in EVE Online. This week, Steven talks wi... | PC

This Week in EVE: May 22-29, 2015

178d ago - Tales are shared about an unfortunate miss-click, some killer videos, and a couple of goofs who l... | PC

Listed: 4 Things MMOs Could Learn From EVE Online

181d ago - Steven Messner discusses how EVE Online could hold some of the keys to unlocking meaningful innov... | PC

The Final Frontier: A Guide for Margin Trading for Newbies (Part 1)

184d ago - Want to become filthy space-rich? Steven knows how, and it doesn't involve lifting a finger! Welc... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2016

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Eve Online Review

185d ago - Eve Online review with screenshots, videos, and game music. | PC

Versus: EVE Online vs Vendetta Online

187d ago - Space-based MMOs are few and far between, which is why we're putting two classics up against each... | PC

This Week in EVE: May 15-22, 2015

187d ago - Things seem to have slowed down recently as pilots settle into Mosaic and await the release of th... | PC

The Final Frontier: Let's All Become Space Truckers

192d ago - MMOGames' Steven Messner sits down to talk all about space truckin' with Lyn Fel, CEO of Black Fr... | PC

This Week in EVE: May 8-15 2015

194d ago - This week in EVE Online, MMOGames' Steven Messner talks about the horrific ambush of Imperium Sup... | PC
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