Player loses 9000$ with the destruction of his ship in EVE Online

VideoGamer Portugal: Player loses one of the most valuable ships in the game.

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heihoosilver1419d ago

E quando fores embora, leva os politicos contigo e deixa-os num sitio onde não exista ninguém. Não vá eles darem cabo daquilo também.

douevenlift1419d ago

...and guess what ladies, he's single!

user55757081419d ago


yea but he has no i dont want no scrubs

Imalwaysright1419d ago

Se dissesses MURICA levavas 100 "eu concordo". Estes tipos pensam que sao o centro do universo e que toda a gente tem de falar na lingua deles.

pixelsword1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Hmmm.... did I help to destroy it? BLACK LEGION FOREVER!

A long time coming, many wars were fought, this is truly a BLACK DAY!


pixelsword1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Must be a couple of Peter Pandemics here, lol


Tank 'n' Gank 'n' all that stank!

badz1491418d ago

I just have to say it...

It' OVER 9000!!!

sak5001418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )


I speak 3 languages but not the above one and this is an english based website so what the hell is wrong in asking someone to speak in english?

Teray khopari mein bhusa hai kiya? Gandu matherchod.

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onyoursistersback1419d ago

I planted 4 C4's and jumped out the window like Chuck Norris!!!!
(It was a "had to be there" moment!!)

Nicholasgliss1419d ago

You planted 4 C4's and 4 Chuck Norrises grew out of they exploded...

Grap1419d ago

all i see is dots in the video. the video is pointless.

Kryptix1419d ago

You can see his reaction video right here. lol

Sashamaz1419d ago

Spread sheet graphics, its amazing how far it's come.

pedrof931419d ago

Ja vou tarde para apanhar o Gaspar :D

Mas com um bocado de jeito ainda dou uma cabeçada no Portas,Coelho,Seguro,Jeronimo, Drago e nos sindicalistas.

JBernardo1418d ago

O Portas é capaz de sair por ele próprio, já que é perito em amuanços.

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heihoosilver1418d ago

Use Google translator, it makes wonders for you...

pedrof931418d ago

We were speaking about politics.

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xtremexx1419d ago

lol. thats just unfortunate.

MWong1419d ago

Would've loved to watch the vid of it actually being destroyed.

Athonline1418d ago

And the video of the player watching his ship being destroyed...

MWong1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

@ Athonline

Now that would have been too cruel. The player was probably doing the rage dance or screaming "No, No, oh GOD this can't be happening ... no no NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" as it happened. Especially since it's 1 of 3 ever had in the game.

Roper3161419d ago

no matter how skilled or good you are there is always the chance to lose. That is why I love the old football adage " On any given Sunday "