$8000 Ship Destroyed In Eve Online Leads to Gaming's Best Recorded Meltdown

Hardcore Gamer: Things start out surprisingly calm, as only the more level headed members of the Pandemic Legion have shown up to try and deal with the crisis. None of these individuals seem to have actually lost their ships as they weren't stupid enough to fall for this, but they are trying to recover the ships of their friends that are still stuck out there. Pretty quickly, things escalate into one of the most hilarious rants the internet has ever seen.

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Godmars2901773d ago

Given that people have lost actual money in-game, bit surprised no one's been murdered.

e-p-ayeaH1773d ago

Dont be have faith in people lol

Godmars2901773d ago

Sorry, I've been on this site too long for that :p

GameCents1773d ago

The funniest gaming related piece I've ever read! The commentary is just as funny as the tirade itself. Thank you Hardcore Gamer.

InTheZoneAC1773d ago

I have no idea what happened, have to read 2 pages of gibberish

I know nothing about this game....

MikeyDucati11773d ago

Member of clan became disgruntled at clan withdrawing from an agreement between him and clan.

So he became a traitor, allied with a rogue group and lead his clan to a trap.

So a very expensively built shit was destroyed. And the soundcloud link shows him reacting with pure rage.


Isis061773d ago

It's not for people that have lives.

MotherLight1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

What defines having a life is simply being alive. You are born into this world to do whatever you want with your life. Just because it is not how you live, doesn't mean that person is not living.

If you are a alive, you have a life. No matter what it is you do.

We create laws, wrong and right. In actuality there is no real wrong or real right. There is no justification on what is more important. The Universe doesn't work that way. Those are ideas and morals that we make up for ourselves that have no real relation to reality itself.

Just upsets me a little when people honestly think they are that important. No person on this earth is more important than the other and nothing they do is more important than another. All of that other stuff is in our heads and our own beliefs.

MikeyDucati11773d ago

They are breathing, aren't they? So I do think they have some kind of life happening...

kydrice1773d ago

I think he meant to say "Social lives" Anyway, there are people out there with whose more important than another. Say for example, it'd be easy for someone to come and shoot me dead right now but I'd have a much harder time if I wanted to go and kill the President (WHICH I'M NOT! IF THERE ARE ANY CRAZY CANADIAN LADIES READING THIS, I'M NOT BEING SERIOUS!! THIS IS JUST A HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION AND I AM NOT PLANNING TO KILL BARACK OBAMA)

Nes_Daze1773d ago

LOL @Motherlight, we all know what he meant by that. If you spend most of your day living in a video game, you don't go outside, perhaps you can't dedicate enough time to school or your career. Not to mention some people have kids, or a gf, maybe friends? When somebody states "he/she has no life", it is a mean way of saying that they spend too much time doing one thing that can have a negative effect on their life.

As for "there is no wrong or real right", I have no idea what you are on about. THERE IS morals, people BELIEVE in not doing things that will hurt others, and doing things to help others. We aren't animals, although in a sense we are, we are much more evolved than that to start thinking like primitively and ACTUALLY believe that there is no right or wrong.

MikeyDucati11773d ago

If a person works, handles his/her responsibility and chooses to be on EVE most of the time...its their business. What's it to you?

Acting like these guys just do nothing. Most people who play EVE have careers and families...and they have EVE. Doesn't mean they don't have lives or they shouldn't be investing so much time into their passion. Because that's what it is...their passion. Who are you to tell something not to devote time to their passion? Get over yourselves, immediately. Taking a funny situation and just messing it all up with your finger pointing from the mountain posts. Shut up.

Salooh1772d ago

So selling drugs is not wrong , playing video games more important then feeding your kids in your logic xP . There is right and wrong.

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Lovable1773d ago

This is arguably the funnies thing I've read here in N4G. Still can't stop laughing LOL

Godmars2901773d ago

Pretty sure that larger sums have been lost in that game. More's been swindled, with the added rub of it happening in-character with the game world.

MikeyDucati11773d ago

Oh man, this is great!!! The soundcloud link is absolutely hilarious. Tears are salty sweet.

Septic1773d ago

Lol yeah. Talk about rage.

Does anyone know how you go about buying those Revenant ships, other than buying one?

NegativeCreepWA1773d ago

Lmao, I like the end, "hey, lets forget about it and go play Chivalry or something"

NegativeCreepWA1773d ago

I wish they recorded the aftermath, when they got everyone out.

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