LulzSec Strike Eve Online

Moments ago the hacking group ‘LulzSec’ posted a Tweet stating:

“We just wiped out the login server for Eve Online, and it accidentally took their website out at the same time”



Half an hour later a new Tweet appeared:

"Tango down: - because apparently they sell monitoring software to the government or some shit like that."

Finifisher are a company who offer 'Governmental IT Intrusion and Remote Monitoring Solutions'- and LulzSec just got their site.

**Update Number 2**

And with that, gets hit, taking the site down. LulzSec own up on Twitter:

Just sunk the Minecraft login server, looks like their website also got hit from overkill: not even firing at the site.

**Update 3**

According to a new Tweet, LulzSec has now taken the League of Legends login servers down.
"League of Legends login servers down. :D"

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KINGLOVER3000002744d ago

I hope Lulzsec knows that when he gets caught he will serve a LONG TIME in jail.

N4GAddict2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

The fact that they've hacked so many big companies and websites already...

and then gloated about it on Twitter means they're very well hidden.

snipermk02744d ago

I get a bad feeling that the CIA cud be behind this. Who else can hack, enter, escape and still stay hidden? I bet it's a ploy for them to pass a bill on Internet policing or something.

I_find_it_funny2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

latest tweet

"Tango down: - because apparently they sell monitoring software to the government or some shit like that."

I mean, how much Lulz can they have

RedDragan2744d ago

I am sure the 35 Anonymous members said they were very well hidden as well.

Fishy Fingers2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Snipermko, you really believe that? Or the fact 'he's' stayed away from government run operations means they probably dont care that much.

Other than Sony, there hasnt really been anything major, websites and forums without user details are hardly going to get the CIAs full attention.

EliteAssass1n2744d ago

Hopefully Steam is prepared for these guys.

gamingdroid2744d ago

Well it is generally very hard to track someone, because at the other end there is only an IP.

You could be hacking from a local coffee shop with free WiFi.

The way you usually track them is if they accidentally leak something by logging into their account from home, somebody snitches or they release too much information that is pieced together.

Active Reload2744d ago

Hacking and not taking anything? All signs point to these people telling these companies, "You need to step up your security!" Are these companies not reading the news on the internet? These hackers are probably attacking everyone, just to see who slacking on the security front.

disturbing_flame2744d ago

So they broke everything since weeks and they never tried to hack the Big Fish = Microsoft ? Or maybe they tried but they didn't manage to do it...

I thought those guys would love some challenge.

-X-2744d ago

N4G is DEFINITELY gonna get hit. For all we know he already did it, and is waiting for the right time.

RedDead2743d ago

Why are they even hacking all these guys? Why Minecraft?

LoVeRSaMa2743d ago


But seriously, kids who have nothing better to do :P

(Sub Note* would not want them as an Enemy =] )

andron2743d ago

They are out of control. And they have hacked government sites:

They should laugh it up while they can, because it will get pretty boring in prison soon...

Sony3602743d ago

They need lives. And girlfriends.

I can understand their motive for eve online, but why the other games?

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MAJ0R2744d ago

if he keeps doing this he may even get a price on his head

thesummerofgeorge2744d ago

I'll throw in a duece... So make that $7 on his head... Anyone else?

hay2744d ago

That's not that bad idea. I'll throw in additional 5.

Jim Hawking2744d ago

They just hacked the senate site. This is going to get serious in a hurry.

RememberThe3572744d ago

Thats dangerous. You don't piss off the United States government. You don't want Seal Team 6 to bust into your house and put one between your eyes.

SSKILLZ2744d ago

@rememberthe357 Yes, yes they do, they would love that very much.

extermin8or2743d ago

wish they would storm his house and shot him in the head, then at least he'd f*** off -_- what is this some war on gaming?? and wtf is up with the minecraft thing, last I checked it was made by a few guys mostly in their free time... why damage their tiny business?? I don't get it lol

morganfell2743d ago


No, no they wouldn't want the military or agents of any country kicking in their door in the middle of the night and shooting them in the head or dragging them out in their underwear in the middle street to jail.

These are people that have a cryfest if their latte is a little cold. They are internet tough guys who would crap themselves in fear at he first sign of a real confrontation. They chose the life they did precisely because they are cowards rather than individuals of metal possessing grit.

Sony3602743d ago


I think you've been watching too many movies, sonny jim.

mastiffchild2743d ago

Whatever, the end result is going to hurt us ALL. right now it's just some short sighted berks with no sense of priority but pretty soon, when the US/UK/EU start to to up the money this is costing the western world(which TURNS on money) there will be hell to pay and wifi hotspots and freely logging on untraceable at other IPs will be a freedom of the past and we'll ALL have individual log in details we HAVE to use or not be allowed to even start a PC up.

The very freedoms these guys now enjoy and use for their antics will be the first we lose and make our lives harder and more difficult to run in the future with every email and every single thing we do online traced by our governments If Lulzsec think all this is a,musing then I hope they know how to apologise(and have something lined up to pass the time)when the powers that be clamp down on the net in general and ruin it for us all. Stupid people poking bears with sticks tend to lose hands and this is the same-they won't be laughing when they get caught and won't be laughing when THEY get our net all regulated, traced and boring. do the WANT draconian security in place just to open an email? Cos that's what they will bring about-a total Orwellian online world, bunch of tools.

1984 will look like a holiday brochure for our future internet if these fools don't stop giving the US government reasons to tack EVERY last one of us.

Kurt Russell2743d ago

You guys are all dumb as my shit... It's a form of internet protest and not a direct attack on your nerdy sit in the dark at home trolling N4G whilst blowing mass corporations lifestyles.

I find Morganfells comment the most amusing so far... when he describes himself and then tries to scribble their faces over his personal portrait was by far my favourite bit. You just can't write that kind of irony, you have to log onto this site to experience it.

Bring the lulz my web nerds, rage type and be spell check free.

mastiffchild2743d ago

@Kurt Russel-call it nerd rage if you must and,to be honest, I could care a lot less than I do about the motives of people at Lulzsec(other than they could and should be protesting something more serious/worthwhile)and much more about what the eventual outcome will be for all of us web users from nerds to every Facebook mum in the world.

Stuff that loses companies money attracts a lot of attention from western governments who already, in many cases, hate things like wikileaks etc and are looking for ANY excuse to start monitoring us all more closely, limiting what we can do online without them seeing it all and so on. I just don't think these guys have the right to make more draconian internet controls a more certain event, do you?

Were they going to take us all down that path while fighting something worth fighting then i'd probably fall in line and help and support them but their agenda isn't worthwhile and the results could be awful for the average net user AND for people like themselves too.

The PSN outage didn't make me reach for the sleeping pills for an OD and I don't play any of the games(currently) that they've attacked today but still, why would a gamer think it was fair for them to spoil another, totally innocent group of gamers fun. sure, some people might go over the top in their responses but, seriously, these guys shouldn't have the right to ruin other people's spare time-sand that's without the fact they're making the future of the internet a very much more tightly managed place-imho-and pretty soon if they keep on giving govts like the UK and US excuses the way they are right now.

A lot of things they do to hide will become criminalised and more tightly governed to start with meaning well meant protests in the future will be impossible too. I don't think you take the possible outcomes of all this seriously enough. governments want ways to tax and manage the online world a great deal and people acting this way gives them the excuse, in their eyes, to scare the masses into feeling them stepping in with nobnail boots is fair enough.

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frostypants2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Hey, at least all the self-righteous posturing over this stuff being about consumer rights is off the table. Now they're just being blatantly douchey and not trying to hide it.

These guys are gonna bring down SO much heat on themselves, though. They have no idea...


Yup, Lulzsec is the next level of a /b/tard bully.

fatalred alarm2744d ago

anyone with enough pc's could do these attacks, we shouldn't be suprised/impressed with this at all. Just taking our fun away, in many cases they just wasted time dads/husbands had to play eve, just that hour every night.

zeddy2744d ago

why is this happening so fast? site after site is being raped, nothing like this has ever happend before, why now? the conspiracy theorists will come out in force and with good reason too. with wiki leaks and the internet in general screwing up all the US's hard work, i wouldnt be suprised if this could be the start of something to put restrictions on the internet by a new bill of some sort.

AliTheBrit4202743d ago


Realistically speaking, he's probably going to get absorbed by some security company

Look at what he's done, its undeniably impressive.

Now why oh why, would a very rich corporation or a Government put that to waste by dumping him in a jail cell and making the tax payer pay for his room and food, when they could make actual use of him?

Of course that would never be reported in the news, but it happens.

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KonaBro2744d ago

If you go over to 4chan, they are trying to get in contact with the russian chans for their opinions on the whole matter. Seeing as how Russians are the majority of players for EVE Online, it's going to be interesting to see how they take LulzSec's actions.

Pyscho_Mantis2744d ago ShowReplies(1)
TheGameFoxJTV2744d ago

Not everything on 4chan is bad. It's where i usually get the wallpapers for my desktop. lol

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

You know, a lot of people ended wrong visiting that site:

El-Fenemeno12132744d ago

I don't see the point of any of this -___-

Fishy Fingers2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Probably argue to show security holes, more likely, thanks to the coverage, just to enlarge their ePenis.

fatalred alarm2744d ago

I just wanted to play eve, server down and website? fucking hackers destroying the joy off at least 40.000 people+ on eve alone. Pretty sure many minecrafters are pissed to.

This downtime is a BIG thing in eve. Huge well planned operations down for the count, resulting in real money lost when you take into acount manny people bought the isk they are losing with this downtime.

earbus2744d ago

Ha ha those little rascals, cue obsessed drop the soap comments and pitch fork posse.

Lord_Sloth2743d ago

I prefer the Kanabo myself.

femshep2744d ago

what are they trying to prove by doing this? they only thing i see is another reason why we should treat hackers the same as terrorists cause that is what they are doing cyber terrorism

DarkBlood2744d ago

well were still alive arent we? lol

Shackdaddy8362744d ago

Until skynet comes along and lulzsec hacks them. You know how the rest goes :)

femshep2744d ago

haha yeah but honestly today's day and age losing all you fiances, and credit is worse because you can't do anything today with out some sort of credit

or like shackdaddy said then the only hope we have is Arnold and a kid he was sent back in time to protect

AliTheBrit4202743d ago

Christ whats hard to understand

They are not trying to prove anything

they are not trying to gain anything

They do it for the LULZ, Just for the sake of it, he's an [email protected] /b/tard so its not surprising