MS is Correct to Shun Cross-Platform

GPT: "While this year’s Electronics and Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles hit gamers with more of a whimper than a roar, some big news did get released. Sadly there were so many average and uninteresting announcements that the good stuff kind of got pushed aside. Among the top news were Sony’s and Nintendo’s plans for cross-platform gameplay. Nintendo’s plan only involves the Wii U and 3DS, their own in-house hardware while Sony is taking a bigger and more daring step with the plan to let PC and PS3 players unite through games like EVE and the newly announced PS3 exclusive DUST 514."

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VG_Releaser2747d ago

Whatever you gotta tell yourself to believe you're better off without cross-platform.

pangitkqb2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I think the writer misinterprets not only the level of cross-platfrom play, but the implementation itself. The idea is not, by any means, to have the full extent of Steam on PS3 or the full PS3 library on Steam. The work and cost behind making so many thousands of games multi AND cross platform renders the idea ludicrous. In other words, both Sony and Valve will remain highly independent accept for the most rare of occassions; games like Portal 2 or other joint projects. The idea that these rare multi-plats won't be vigorously controlled and monitored with an iron fist is laughable.

The good side is that occassional FUTURE releases could enjoy nice interaction. By opening PSN and Steam interactive options the communities for any cross platform titles basically double instantly.

I've loved playing Portal 2 across platforms. I look forward to more PSN/Steam compatible games.

jonlynch2747d ago

Where does it even bring up STEAM? Seems like it covers the integration of platforms for play, not sales.

dangert2747d ago

And while the person who claims to be a gamer sits there on his limited xbox not because of it's dvd format or its capabilities but because of microsoft...the writer of this article sits down very proud of microsoft for not even trying to use the full potential of the xbox 360 sad sad world if you don't want to play these games fair enough but to say there write to take away the option of having them ¬_¬ your thought processing is as bad as my punctuation XD

pangitkqb2747d ago


Doesn't matter the crossover - PSN and Steam, 360 and Games for Windows, Apple's Gamecenter and Vita or 3DS - the principles remain the same. 1) There is no way in the world it would be anything but highly controlled 2) Cost would prohibit any type of universal crossing or open sharing.

Are there some risks? Sure. Do the actual amount of risks outweigh the potential benefits? I don't think so. The worst consequence we've ever seen en masse was the PSN outage. Guess what....I'm back on PSN having a good time and life, as the adage says, goes on.

FredEffinChopin2747d ago

Agreed on all points. To be honest, when I opened this I was actually expecting a clever angle on the benefits of keeping online play within one service that I haven't thought of, but that was far from the case. It ignores all the benefits of cross-platform connectivity, and proposes that because of one potential benefit of a closed platform (which is not at all the case actually), the decision is a smart one. It really is a hollow article, and I'm embarrassed that I was roped in by the title.

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JonahFalcon2747d ago

Well, Microsoft tried cross-platform - remember Shadowrun?

The reason Microsoft doesn't want the crossplatform Valve is offering is that they don't want Steam on their box, because it will eat Marketplace alive. Sony let the beast into their system - what happens if Valve decides it wants to release PS3 games on Steam? They'll rob Sony of digital sales, big time.

ShyGuy132747d ago

Cross platform, with Windows PC being the other platform doesn't really count in my books! :P

ShAkKa2747d ago

Sony got Steam Works, Steam as a whole(the Steam store) is not available on Ps3.

DJMarty2747d ago

@JonahFalcon - Valve wouldn't rob Sony of anything as they would incure fees for the privilage of selling Sony games.

BlackTar1872747d ago

kinda feel sorry for the 5 people who agreed with you.

FredEffinChopin2747d ago

Microsoft also did cross platform with FFXI. PS2, PC, 360.

It's hard to say exactly why they are against it in most cases. While I think that the situation you propose is not one that MS or Sony would like to see, it assumes that Valve could just make that happen once they are connecting with other services. If games that are sold on XBL or PSN were ever made available on Steam or vice versa, it would be because Sony or MS made and approved of the deal. Which means, it would probably benefit everyone involved.

Not only that, but just putting a PS3 game on Steam doesn't mean that it's a PC game now, a PC version still has to be created. In other words, these games would already be available on the platform.

It's been suggested before that the idea of the (free) PSN gamers doing the same things that XBL gamers are doing alongside them might create some resentment amongst XBL subscribers, and some hostility towards MS. Can't say I believe that that is the actual reason, but I can only imagine the kind of ballbreaking that would come in from the PSN side. It certainly would be interesting to see. For a few minutes anyway.

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