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OXCGN’s 10 More Sadly Overlooked Games This Gen: More oldies to track down

The big release season is in full swing, and those of you with deep wallets are busy playing the huge number of quality games on offer.

But what about those who can only afford maybe one or two new releases, or maybe none at all yet? There’s a global economic slowdown on after all.

Well at OXCGN we’ve decided to put ourselves a second time in the game Animus and go back in time to discover what titles we enjoyed this gen that you should be able to get for cheap (and still play the multiplayer without a code!).

They may not be as gorgeous or polished as the newbies coming out, and some of their developers have unfortunately gone the way of the dodo, but they still offered some of us great entertainment and we think didn’t get the attention they deserved, either before or after launch.

In no particular order, here is PART 2 of OXCGN’s Best Overlooked Games This Gen. What are yours? Comment below and help the poor (gamer). (EVE Online, PC, PS3, PSP, Shadows of the Damned, The Darkness, Tropico 3, Wii, Wipeout HD, Wolfenstein, Xbox 360)

gaminoz  +   1169d ago
The Darkness was really a game that had me more intersted in the narrative than even the gameplay.

The second one doesn't look nearly as interesting from what I've seen.

I think people sometimes forget that GRAW was the first 'modern warfare' game this gen.
egidem  +   1169d ago
I love The Darkness. The facial expression and lipsynching animations to voices was really bad. Sometimes it seemed like they weren't moving.

Other than that, an awesome game. With sort of a mini RPG element to it, with different quests and the sort.
ReservoirDog316  +   1169d ago
Yeah I really liked The Darkness even though it took a lot of time to change the sensitivity so the controls actually felt right.

But besides that, everything was so impressive for a game so early in this gen. The world felt so lived in and really open compared to most games.

And to anyone interested, *cough* shameless advertising http://www.ebay.com/itm/PS3... *cough cough*
egidem  +   1168d ago
Ah damn..shipping only to the states. Show some love to Canada!
darkride66  +   1168d ago
The Darkness was one of my favs. GRAW 1 & 2 were a lot of fun. I wouldn't have thought of those as "overlooked" though. I thought those titles did well.

Wipeout was one I always meant to play but never got around to, until they showed up for free on PSN+. I can't believe I let this one slide under my radar for so long. It was a tonne of fun.

Didn't try any of the others.
BadCircuit  +   1169d ago
I'm not sure I'll ever be finished Skyrim, but if I am I wouldn't mind trying The Darkness. I've heard a lot of good about it, but didn't have a next gen console then.
5119ent  +   1169d ago
Tanir  +   1169d ago
i hated shadow of the damned, it was repetitive, not funny, and its odd cuz i normally like shinji mikami's games...probably cuz suda made it odd, suda is a hit and miss
SeraphimBlade  +   1169d ago
it wasn't even that odd by Suda standards. Last time those two teamed up, we got Killer7, which can only be described as avant garde, with heavy symbolism and a deeply layered story. this would be a six paragraph post if I tried to explain that plot. Shadows? It's just Dante's Inferno with dick jokes.
gaminoz  +   1169d ago
Yes the childishness of it was annoying and it did start at least entertainingly but got more and more dull as it went on.

It is surprising though with the violence, Suda, and the swearing and sex humour that it DIDN'T sell better! It seems that these are perfect sales points these days...
kevnb  +   1168d ago
only problem was that the gameplay is completely crap.
Kalowest  +   1169d ago
I have 9,8,5,and 3.
PhantomTommy  +   1169d ago
Deadly Premonition was great in it's own way, I traded it for L.A Noire and I've regretted it since.
SeraphimBlade  +   1169d ago
I recently rented Prey, which was a lot better than I thought it would be. Really creative take on the character-that-can't-die idea, certainly better than 2008 Prince of Persia. Shame the graphics aged like crap and all the levels look the damn same, just fleshy walls with some metal bits. Probably what Adam Jensen's rectum looks like.
--Onilink--  +   1169d ago
didnt DK Country returns sold more than 2mill?? i would hardly call that overlooked. I would change that for Muramasa The Demon Blade, now thats an awesome game that sold poorly
Skynetone  +   1169d ago
ill say ruse

i dint want the single player to end, i said i wont bother with the multiplayer it cant be as good as the single player, omg was i wrong, it is epic

look forward to playing ruse 2
admiralvic  +   1168d ago
How the ****ing hell is Wipeout on this list? Not only was it a LONG STANDING top seller on the PSN, it was free with the welcome back program, PSN plus (at 2 different times) and was originally the only tradeable PSN platinum. Saying Wipeout is overlooked is like saying Modern Warfare 3 didn't sell enough.
Eske  +   1168d ago
PSN games don't sell very well traditionally, so I'm not sure how much it matters that its one of the top PSN sellers. Really, Wipeout might be the poster boy for the fact that there are some top-shelf games on the PSN, ones that should really have done as well as standard retail fare.
admiralvic  +   1167d ago
Not that it matters... But it had a retail release in other regions
kevnb  +   1168d ago
I would say eve online is more well known and played than dark souls and demons souls.
Eske  +   1168d ago
A super-cursory google search seems to put Dark Souls ahead of it in terms of player base, w/ something probably in the range of 400k-plus sales. Though comparing the different genres is a bit iffy.
kevnb  +   1167d ago
player base and sales arent the same, 300 thousand subscribed at once means much more than 300 thousand sales.
psychof0x  +   1167d ago
A strong list. I completely agree re: Wipeout HD, definitely one of my top ten this gen.

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