Five MMOs Better than World of Warcraft

Massively writes:

"No fooling. Blizzard's World of Warcraft is a great game, a hugely influential game, maybe even the best game ever written by anyone, ever. Throughout history. But now that we've GOT WoW, well, what's next? Age of Conan? Warhammer? Spellborn? Maybe.

World of Warcraft had its roots in many other games, but none of those games stood still. Each of them looked at WoW, appreciated its roots, and said – we can do better. Other games, entirely different ones, said – we can give players something new. Here then, are five MMOs better than WoW – and why. Each takes some aspect of World of Warcraft and blows it away. Some of the games are old, some new, but all are excellent games -- and perhaps you will think so, too."

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PS360WII3583d ago

I can think of one right off the bat. Final Fantasy XI is better than WoW in all ways :) well I suppose I should add 'in my opinion' (but honestly I just think it's the cold hard truth ^.-)

Tempist3583d ago

Eh... could be.

All and all the article didn't so much as list 5 better games, but 5 games with better aspects. I personally don't like WoW, but unless you prove a game is superior in all aspects, not just one, then it's not over all better.

Pain3583d ago

cant play MMO's after playing that one and "Not" feeling weird.

WOW is going to Lose players to Warhammer Fast and even More when Next FF is released.

TriggerHappy3583d ago

WoW is hyped as hell. I had more fun playing Everquest than WoW.

PS360WII3583d ago

I never tried Everquest but I hear good things

TriggerHappy3583d ago

IT IS GOOD man, you really should really try it if you are a big MMO fan.

Fux4Bux3583d ago

Same here. Couldn't get into WoW at all after EQ. EQ was definitely very hard to get into but being a high level in that vast world was so amazing.

solar3583d ago

i had way more fun playing City of Heroes than WoW. it had way less content...but the ppl were more friendlier and the customization was a lot of fun.

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INehalemEXI3583d ago

I think Ive spent more hours on EQ then all other games combined. Played that game for half a decade or more. No mmo yet has had that kind of entertainment value since.

undacovabrothe3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

there are a ton of games better than WoW. Free MMORPGs too that you can pick dl off the internet. I think WoW is just so popular because of the developing company who made it. I played almost all mmorpgs out there and I can honestly say that WoW is pretty overrated. Its easy to think that WoW is a Excellent mmorpg if you havent played many others .

Edit: They called killing monsters raiding rofl.... its called grinding... is that a WoW term or does this guy not play mmorpgs?

Skerj3583d ago

I was about to freak if EVE wasn't on that list, the community and gameplay is the best in that game. Mostly because nearly everything is ran by players, even the economy. Just watch out for those bastard pirates in low sec zones. ..

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