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VBlank: PS Dev Tools Very Well Built, PS4 & PS Vita Getting Next Title; No XB1 Retro City

451d ago - VBlank's Brian Provinciano talked about porting Retro City Rampage: DX and his next title on Play... | PS4

Retro City Rampage DX Review | Thumbsticks

712d ago - Even if you have played Retro City Rampage before, the changes made in this DX version are extens... | 3DS

Check PS4 Release Dates for 2016 at

Now - Check our release calendars to see what games are coming out this year. | Promoted post

Console Versions of Indie Games Considered a “Lower Risk”

871d ago - It’s about profit and risk when it comes to making games and putting them out but according to Re... | Wii

Sometimes game consoles are a better place for indies, says Retro City Rampage dev

872d ago - Brian Provinciano, creator and (mostly) sole developer of Retro City Rampage, thinks consoles are... | Industry

Brian Provinciano on Retro City Rampage for 3DS, WiiWare Misunderstandings and Wii

894d ago - Nintendo Life - Brian Provinciano, the founder and main man of Vblank Entertainment, has had an i... | Culture

Retro City Rampage is Coming to the 3DS

899d ago - Nintendo has confirmed via a press release that the much beloved Retro City Rampage will see a re... | 3DS

Retro City Rampage Dev Feels Microsoft is “Setting up a Poor Precedent” on Indie Self Publishing 180

926d ago - Retro City Rampage Creator Brian Provinciano has been vocal against Microsoft’s policies with ind... | Xbox 360

“Strings Attached” To Xbox One Self Publishing

926d ago - It turns out yesterday’s announcement of the Xbox One allowing indie developers isn’t quite as go... | Xbox One

Indie developers cautiously optimistic about self-publishing on Xbox One

926d ago - Joystiq: "Cautious optimism was a consistent theme among most of the indie developers we reached... | Xbox One

PS4 & Xbox One vs indies: the studios speak – part two

956d ago - Gaijin Games, Introversion, Hello Games and Brian Provinciano discuss Sony’s approach to the PS4... | PC

PS4 & Xbox One vs indies: the studios speak – part one

957d ago - Gaijin Games, Introversion, Hello Games and Brian Provinciano discuss Sony’s approach to the PS4... | PC

Retro City Rampage Dev Exposes Microsoft’s Brutal Tactics with Indies: “A bottleneck, damaged PR”

961d ago - Microsoft backtracked on its DRM policies, but there’s one thing Redmond’s corporation is still d... | Xbox 360

Indie developers sound off on next-gen consoles and the importance of self-publishing

973d ago - Microsoft's next-gen policies, however, haven't shown as much change on the indie front. After Xb... | PS4

Indies Skeptic About Xbox One, But On Board With Sony and Nintendo

990d ago - picks up on reactions from indie developers. Toki Tori creators Two Tribes are skepti... | PS4

“Kratos Would Destroy Hulk,” Class of Heroes 2 Passes Sony QA, Light up Your Farts With Orc Attack

996d ago - Sony Santa Monica has weighed in on the age old debate of Hulk vs. Kratos by saying, “Kratos woul... | PSP

Steam is king in service wars, Humble Store a sleeping giant, indies say

998d ago - By Jessica Conditt Twenty-one randomly selected indie developers walk into a digital room and... | Dev

Retro City Rampage: PC Release Date Incoming?

1276d ago - GTA-inspired retro game mash-up Retro City Rampage appears in the Steam database, which could ind... | PC

Retro City Rampage Developer Interview

1569d ago - Announced as part of the PAX 10 last year, Retro City Rampage is an 8-bit game that plays like an... | Wii

NowGamer: Retro City Rampage's Brian Provinciano Interview

1818d ago - NowGamer chats with the creator of forthcoming Xbox Live and WiiWare action game Retro City Rampage. | Wii
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