Retro City Rampage Dev Exposes Microsoft’s Brutal Tactics with Indies: “A bottleneck, damaged PR”

Microsoft backtracked on its DRM policies, but there’s one thing Redmond’s corporation is still dreadfully silent on, and that’s its treatment of indie studios that would like to publish their games on Xbox Live Arcade.

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ElementX1405d ago

I'll always play indie games on PC except for console exclusives. You can get many games on Steam and Greenmangaming on sale. I check out cheapshark .com for the best prices

Abriael1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Yep, even more than steam, humble bundles are a real treat (and they give you the steam code anyway), though not everyone has a gaming PC, and Microsoft's policies actually prevent studios to publish on PC.

edit below: I actually had missed those, will look for them this evening, thanks.

ElementX1405d ago

Very true, I just bought a bundle yesterday. Also check out indiegala and indieroyale they have bundles also

Software_Lover1405d ago

..........Steam is PC. You really dont need a gaming pc, per say, to play most indie games. Just a decent pc all the same.

The_Con-Sept1405d ago

Every other platform besides Xbox 360 Xbox 1 Wii WiiU PS3 and PSP have easily accessible publishing tools alloted to them. Seeing Xbox 1 being so stagnant while PS4 and PSVita evolved only means indie developers are making progress.

scruffy_bear1405d ago

MS policies on indie games will bite them in ass

miyamoto1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

The gamers have spoken with their wallets. Now its the game makers turn to voice their concerns and expose M$. My body is ready for the next turn around of events.

Gotham's Greed
We need the Batman asap

omi25p1405d ago

I never understand why developers moan about MS not catering for indies.

On the 360 right now there and thousands of REAL indie games. From the terrible to the weird to the good.

Retro City rampage is a AAA title in comparison to these games.

kenshiro1001405d ago

...You're kidding, right? If Sony and Nintendo can do it, then why can't Microsoft? Indie developers deserve as much respect as other developers out there.

omi25p1404d ago

Thats exactly what im saying.

There is a whole marketplace on the 360 for indie developers to publisher games.

There are games on there that are published by teenagers at college studying game development.

There are hundreds and hundreds of games created by real indie developers.

I never said Microsoft didnt, I said they did.

GamersHeaven1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Wow that is dirty glad microsoft bullying ways never won them a console generation this looks be there last.

nukeitall1405d ago

I don't understand this, there is a choice here, get published with MS then accept their policies or get published with a 3rd party.

It's like me complaining I don't like paying taxes, because I pay way more than the average. Now that is the crap I don't have a choice in the matter, but indie gamers has an option!

HammadTheBeast1405d ago

Yeah but they charge $10 k per update, and getting a publisher is no way near as easy as you make it to be.

XabiDaChosenOne1405d ago

Why can't they allow publishers the ability to self publish? Why are they making indie devs jump through hoops to put games on their console? I would like to hear your apologetic excuse for this.

nukeitall1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )


Have you heard of Xbox Live Indie Games? Have you seen the quality of games there?

Which by the way is the only platform you can self publish on console without jumping through hoops!

PS4, Wii U and even Steam goes through a process of selection usually by the console manufacturer. The only real difference is MS makes you make a deal with a publisher to get proper marketing or go through MS, but with a deal.

The publishing is a curation process that is to find the gems from the vast majority of crap.

Also, have you seen the quality of games on Android and iPhone that is completely self publishing just like Xbox Live Indie Games?

So before you little fangirls start worshipping, you ought to really research and look at the facts before joining all the sheeps and chanting their biased BS!

XabiDaChosenOne1405d ago

What is your definition of hoops? They obviously have to do so if they have to find a publisher and/or let microsoft publish.
"Which by the way is the only platform you can self publish on console without jumping through hoops!"
Lol what? lmao obviously not by the crys of the devs.
"The publishing is a curation process that is to find the gems from the vast majority of crap."
Excuses, they are trying to get a huge cut out of the indies profits, that pretty much all it is.
If Microsoft is so good to developers as you are trying to make it seem than nobody would be complaining.

nukeitall1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )


Clearly you again open your mouth without knowing. I said Xbox Live "INDIE" games.

Anyone with PC, an Xbox 360 and a $100 can publish their game on Xbox 360. No hoops meaning thøere is no real approval process beyond peer approval process.

XabiDaChosenOne1401d ago

obviously this does not apply to the Xbone which is what I was referring to in the first place face/palm.

nukeitall1401d ago


The point was that goodwill didn't net MS anything, yet give them a bad reputation that continues with Xbox One.

It seems the non-existant real indie gamers (the ones sitting at home, not the established smaller companies) aren't really supported by Sony.

Still MS is the only one that still offers it. I would hardly call any of the other approaches indie friendly.

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WalterWJR1405d ago

Get Stealth bastard with this weeks humble bundle. Brilliant game.

Abriael1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Got it, it's fun as hell. I agree. And don't forget Broken Sword: Director’s Cut. It wasn't born as indie, but it's still a classic.

PerryCaravello1405d ago

it's too late to change the drm thing... they've already fucked up

tell everyone that the xboxone blocks used games, its funnier that way and no one will know the truth



Raccoon1405d ago

These greddy bastards are useless to me! Im a cosumer and i want sh*t my way or the highway! The boss is always the one paying...

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