Sometimes game consoles are a better place for indies, says Retro City Rampage dev

Brian Provinciano, creator and (mostly) sole developer of Retro City Rampage, thinks consoles are actually a pretty good place to be, against the logic of those who say mobile is the only game in town.

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ATi_Elite1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I really question this title!

Microsoft: requires you to have a PUBLISHER FACT. Once you have a Publisher you now in many ways have to take advice from the Publisher who can FORCE you to change things in your game because Microsoft only deals with Publishers and Publishers want their cut so they will bow down to Microsoft to make sure they get their cut thus changing your game. Plus split game revenue.

Sony: is Indie friendly BUT they require you to FIRST submit a concept and if they do not like your concept then you are not approved FACT. Also you have to buy a PlayStation Dev kit which can cost $27,000* FACT. Plus split Game revenue.

*Note Sony MIGHT lower PS4 Dev Kit cost according to Sony!
*XB1 can be used as a Dev Kit according to Microsoft!

Mobile: Buy a Dev kit and buy a License(Apple) split revenue with Android/Apple very few restrictions.

PC: just make a Game and sell it from your website or you can use Steam and split revenue but have FREE advertisement.
or you can get the Public to pay for the development of your Game (Kickstarter) and sell it from your own website or use Steam (use Steam split Revenue).

So I do not see how Indies on consoles are easier when you can just make a game on PC and sell it YOURSELF with NO publisher, NO License, NO Dev kit cost, NO upfront cost and take in 100% of the revenue by selling it from you're own website.

KonsoruMasuta1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Well, this guy is a developer. So there must be something that appeals to him about consoles that makes him say that.

Just because you see no benefits doesn't mean he won't.

Angeljuice1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

No advertising(on own website), no promotion, no support. Also a lot of suggestions made by the publisher/license holder could well be valid and improve the game.
Sony 'lends' devkits to small companies at no cost FACT. They only approve games that have a real chance of success.

I agree it is easier on PC, but not quite as black and white as you paint it. Also he is only speaking of his experiences and opinions.

Toon_Link1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Then let your precious little game get eaten up by the sea of new mobile games coming out everyday.

You can't forget the quantity of titles releasing everyday, hundreds of games come out never being noticed. If your going to make a mobile game you better be ready to gamble.

ufo8mycat1769d ago

Well Indies will at least get exposure to the bigger core gaming market then they ever did on PC.

This is always a good thing.

Seems like no trouble with Sony, but how much red tape will these Indie devs need to go through for XBONE?

ATi_Elite1768d ago

Consoles getting Indie titles are the DIRECT result of Indie companies making it BIG on the PC.

wake me up when a CONSOLE Indie title sales 10+ million units like that little old PC indie Title called Minecraft.

Notch and a few others made Minecraft and sold it on their OWN website. No publisher No advertisement No nothing.