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U must have a dud copy.

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I think everyone is glad u haven't got a Wii U as it's for the gamers, your clearly not one. Wii U and Nintendo doesn't care or need you.

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As long as it's not 2d and in first person I'll be happy. 3d open world and 3rd person would be amazing

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I wasn't aware that there were any issues and I've had a Wii U since the first day it was released, best wifi connection I've ever had on a console.
Ive put countless online hours into fifa 13, Cod, tekken tag and mario kart Wii.
Just got Mk 8 but cant play it till later tonight, due to bloody commitments. smh

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As soon as I read the first 2 lines, I lost all respect for the the writer who ironically clearly isn't a gamer.

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Mario kart 8 certainly will. Roll on Friday.

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I completely disagree with you. Nintendo isn't perfect and should be held accountable and critized for the bad mistakes they have made but when you make that your only aim and priority, that's when people start thinking that your hater especially when people will most of the time find you in a negative Nintendo article than a positive one.

It's like you have plenty to say when Nintendo does something wrong but when they do something right then your no where to be ...

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Good list, but your missing Starfox, that should be on everyones list.

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Well said

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The only thing funny is how scared of Nintendo the people who write these articles are. I don't understand why they fear Nintendo e3 so much.

ive never seen a Sony or Microsoft article like this.

I guess those that have counted out the Wii U fear Mario kart 8 and e3 will change things. Wii U may start to overtake their favourite console in sales.

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I agree Graphics arnt as good as ps4 but in terms of gameplay, fun and replay value the ps4 is nowhere near the Wii U.

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Mario Kart 8 proves that Wii u hardware is fine. U won't get quality first party games on ps4 and xbone like you will on Wii U, as ps4 is weak when it comes to software, so Wii u is priced right if you measure it on gaming experience and games over hardware.

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Rarely ever played battle mode, it's all about the online racing for me, so not really much of a big deal.

I know people will try and make a bigger issue out of this tho as it's Nintendo, where everyones quick to criticize but slow to give credit.

Oh well I say lets forget the bitchy moaners.
To all the real gamers I'll see you on the track next Friday.

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Clearly you are not a gamer thats why you don't see it. If your were a gamer then you would know that its not only the graphics that make this game amazing but its also about the gameplay and the online competition.

You should stick to playing board games, you can get snakes and ladders for cheap, that game seems more on your level.

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I'd be happy with, Star fox, Metroid, open world Mario, open world pokemon game, Zelda, f zero, Luigi's mansion 2, n64 and GameCube games on virtual console, new ip's, more info on announced games like x, bayonetta and sonic boom.

I cud go on... Lol we can all dream tho right.

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Your loss, Mario kart Wii was excellent, loved the online competition.

A Wii U is not a Wii that's just like saying Ps4 is just a Ps3 or a Xbone is just a Xbox 360.

The comment u made suggests that u must be just a casual mobile phone gamer.
Any serious gamer has or will have a Wii U.

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You're the dumbass who clearly doesn't know how to read in context. "Looks like the best next gen GAME so far" keyword is GAME! You seriously need to go back to go back to school.

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Just play it on ur Wii u instead, simples.

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Only on n4g, by delusional gamers who call themself "hardcore" and define how good a console/company is based on sales/popularity and spec, rather than gaming experience, fun and actual games.

On the other hand the same people who bash Nintendo keep Nintendo popular even if in a negative light. What's that saying again "all publicity is good publicity"

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The difference is Nintendo make quality games that have replay value, gamers will be playing for years to come. that's something you can't get on ps4 and xbone which is y they need to rely so heavily on 3rd party support, but unfortunately for Sony quantity doesn't equal to quality. Sony games are quickly forgotten.


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