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Bomberman, classic games, they need to bring it to the UK virtual console to.

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Agreed, Just like the other 2 consoles ps4 and xbox one need to have good third party as their exclusives are average at best.

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"The sales indicate that people WANT those same games. If people were so starved for innovation as he claims then why is it that the PS4 and XB1 outsell the Wii U?"

Well the Wii outsold both ps3 and Xbox360 so your logic is stupid, bias and very selective.
This gen Wii U is 2nd so far in terms of sales.

The casuals have flocked to the ps4 that's the only reason Ps4 is in the lead as it hasn't much to offer your "hardcore game...

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I'm a big Nintendo fan but found this direct disappointing, we havent had a proper direct in ages and thats all we get. Mario kart dlc is amazing but we already knew it was coming as did we know toad tracker and splatoon.
A pikmin demo wtf? No smash bro's?

They couldve showed us some devils third or starfox or add a suprise for Wii U or something.

Ps I heard a rumour that we won't be able to play the new dlc levels or use the new charact...

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LOL is this a joke thread. Sony is only winning in sales but when it comes to gaming Nintendo is the clear winner and I don't see Sony catching up, Microsoft has a better chance.

You can't play sales, I'm all for the games.

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A direct on bonfire night, hopefully there's lots of fireworks in this direct. Starfox, metroid, bomberman (random I know) Zelda and devils third and I''ll be happy

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Agreed, it's because all the casuals have flocked from the Wii to the ps4.
It's not about quality games for the casuals, it's about graphics and what has the most sales/what's popular.

This gen when it comes to sales Ps4 wins hands down but when it comes to quality games Wii U wins hands down.

Pc and Wii U is all I need at the moment. May get a ps4 as a secondary console in the future when price drops and it gets some decent games.

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Well Done Nintendo.
Ps4 has more sales because thats where the causuals live now, casuals follow hype and trend, It was the Wii last Gen, Now they have moved on to the Ps4 and unfortunately the casuals always out number real gamers.

Wii U has better Games for real gamers.

Ps4 has better sales due to hype and uneducated casuals.

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Why would anyone buy it on the 3ds? I don't get it, Im not a graphics whore or anything but it looks crap on the 3ds. Id rather play it on the Wii U game pad or on the tv.

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I got all excited then until I read its just for the 3ds xl.
If you do have a direct tomorrow Nintendo please don't forget about the Wii U.

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Has your mario kart 8 game not updated yet?

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Nah forget ubisoft, they clearly don't even don't know Nintendo's demographic.

"I understand that the console may not have the power to have Assassin’s Creed: Unity ported over from the PS4" what a load of crap.

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Nintendo consoles have always been my primary console, I had a ps1 for a while when I was younger, also had a ps3 and xbox 360 for a while but sold both to buy games for my Nintendo console.
Now I have a Wii U and have just been bought an xbone for my bday.
I do like the xbone but hate all these constant updates with every game. Is the ps4 the same?

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Hate to admit it, as u usually just hate Nintendo regardless of any positive they do but I agree with u in the sense that Nintendo have more than enough ip that they cud easily take the number 1 spot if they wanted. They have enough money and talent to make another metroid aswell as other games. It frustrates that they just sit there and do nothin.

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The Nintendo haters are rife. Keep tryin, Nintendo will still be here after all you haters are dead and gone, Nintendo will keep on living.

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Dumb article. It's only been the "hardcore" gamers buyin the Wii u and the Wii u games. The casuals from the Wii generation have flocked to the ps4.

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Sony domination yh man, Sony rocks! Best console ever, all other consoles suck

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Wish I had a ps4 to play this but cant justify buying it for just one game,
stickin with Wii u for now.

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Give me goldeneye, perfect dark, conkers bad fur day, Mario 64, starfox and banjo kazooie and I'll be happy.

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Well said, wtf is soccer, it's called FOOTBALL.

@martinezjesus1993 who cares what it is in the United States, the whole world knows it as its correct name which is Football, which is different to what they play in US, they spend most time holding the ball and call it football, should be called Handball. Lol Get over it yourself.

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