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Well said

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So according to this critic, gameplay and fun are irrelevant when it comes to gaming.
All that matters is "realism and story"
Clearly this critic is not a gamer.

Last time I checked, the whole point of games is to be fun, challenging and entertaining.

It wont be long untill people wont be able to tell the difference between a game and movie with the increase of cutscenes and the lower level of skill needed to complete these kind of g...

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The fact that this page has been taken down so quick leads me to believe that they may be some truth in this.

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Agreed, I got faith in Nintendo, they got nothing to lose so hopefully they bring out some big guns like star fox and metroid.
Can't wait to see the new ip's either.

Mario Karts may 30th, super smash bro due out later this year, If Nintendo get their Marketing right, I think the Wii U will take the lead in sales.

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Clueless fanboy article, nothing to see here.

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That's it get all the Nintendo gloom and doom articles out your system haters, cause come e3 you'll all be eating your words. June cant come quick enough.

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Nah maybe cod, killzone, god of war type games or a game where its 95 percent cut scene as there arnt many of these type of games out already. Wait....

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Watch dogs won't sell well on Wii U unfortunately as Ubisoft has sabotaged it with this delay. I'm still getting it on Wii U tho. Mario kart will take up a lot of my time so I don't mind waiting until whenever watchdogs comes out.

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No it's not too expensive, unless ur a tramp or somethin. It's the cheapest next gen console out with the best catalog of games and doesn't charge you to play online.

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The only thing ps4 and xbone have over Wii U is power. But when it comes to actual games and gameplay then Wii U wins hands down.
Sony and Microsoft has never been able to compete with Nintendo when it comes to software and just pure gaming.

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Its nothing? Wow so whats your success story that makes you more successful than Nintendo to look down at them and say its nothing.

You are the definition of a loser.

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and the most stupid and uninformed comment award goes to you. Well Done.

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Just laugh at them. If the Wii U is so crap and Nintendo is all doom and gloom, then why can they not stop talking or thinking about it? lol
These Nintendo haters sound like a bitter ex gf. lol

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Well said, Wii U has so much potential and Nintendo has soooo much money to do the best for the console and to market it everywhere and could easily blow the competition away but they don't, which confuses and frustrates me.

They need to forget about 3ds for a bit as its doing fine and focus all their attention on Wii U for a change.

I hope they make me eat my words at e3.

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Unlucky, might aswell sell your Ps4 untill it gets some decent games then buy it back when you get the chance.

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Nintendo software dominating as usual.

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Super Mario 3 was on the snes not the nes.
I remember getting super Mario allstars for Christmas when I was a kid, it never gets old.

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Even now I prefer to play gameboy than any other handheld. Classic.

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Well Said

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I hope the Wii U delay is worthit and turns out to be the best version just like Need for speed was.

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