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Not getting my hopes up, wish it was just a Wii U direct tho, not really interested in handhelds, Wii U is in need of more support.

Ps Nintendo Direct is tomorrow not in 2 days 14/1/15

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Point taken but the other to consoles lack quality exclusives, majority of there games are broken and need patches. You won't get quality games like
no Zelda
no star Fox
No devils third
no bayonetta
No xenoblade
no splatoon
no metroid
no Mario karts
no wonderful 101
No zombie U
no Mario 3d world
no Lego city undercover
No Fzero
No Pikmin

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In terms of quality games Wii U won.
In terms of sales Ps4 won.
In terms of comeback xbone won.

Overall the gamers won.

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By your definition of casual you described perfectly why a casual would choose a Ps4 as opposed to a Wii U "ease of gameplay" not complex or challenging. Just pretty to look at. The main selling point is the graphics.

Where as most Wii U games require a higher skill level and are more challenging and not just pressing one button following a movie that's meant to be a game.

Just because a game has blood and guts or an adult theme doesn't make...

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All Sony fanboys can talk about is Sales blah blah blah, Come back when you can talk about games.

Sales doesn't = Quality games or means that somethings the best.

Whats the point of having good sales but crap buggy games?
I'd rather have excellent games, after all isn't that what a games console is for? the games? You weird fanboys are so wrapped up in sales I doubt you've ever played a game in your life.

Just facts

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So happy that they are offering the best quality games this gen despite sales.

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Nintendo just keep getting better and better, These are just the games we know of, I'm excited for the ones that we don't know are coming next year, roll on e3.

Ps4 and Xbone may have more games but a lot of the games are meh average at best and not worthwhile if your gamer.
Majority of Wii U games are strictly for the real gamers and are going to be top quality, games you wont want to put down, games with good gameplay, games you want to replay.

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Not sure where u get your figures from, I'm taking it as a typo error as wii u has sold over 7 million.

OT Well done Smash, excellent game.

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Ps4 might be a better option for your daughter as although Nintendo games are cartoony, its decieving, they are a lot more harder to play than a ps4 game would be as theres usually a lot more skill involved in Nintendo games.

You should get little big planet for your ps4, im sure your daughter would love that, mine definately does.

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Get out. If you believe that then you'll believe anything.
Most people who played snes and Nes are on wii u because of the quality Nintendo continues to bring, not just for nostalgia, as some fanboys like to put it.

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Haters gonna hate. Nintendo is the best games developer that there is, they haven't let us down with games so far and I doubt they would with one of their main titles.
people are acting like it's too much for Nintendo, if anyone can do it then it's Nintendo and you can guarantee it won't be done half heartedly and with better game play than the majority of games out.

A lot of people are just wishing and hoping that it's not that good because deep d...

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Because the other 2 consoles have been a let down so far, the only impressive thing has been their sales.

But for a proper true gaming system with high quality, long lasting and high rated games, the Wii U is best and is in a league of its own, no real gamer can say Wii U is just a secondary console, it's definitely a primary "GAMING" console. If anything the word "accompanied" would be a better choice of words.

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Last Gen Nintendo was mainly about the casuals and had the best sales.
Microsoft and Sony dominated in terms of games tho, a gamers heaven.

This Gen Nintendo is mainly about hard-core gamers, so has lost casual support to Sony, meaning low sales but has the best quality games.
Sony and Microsoft lead in terms of sales and spec but their games ain't up to par as the weaker console Wii U at the moment.

The console that has the best quality g...

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It always has been.
I love the ps4 and xbone but for different reasons.
There's no denying that Wii U is for the "Hardcore" Gamers this gen I'm glad it's not like the Wii and focuses less on the casuals.

Ps4 for the casuals and kids who are interested more about sales/spec than actual games, I will never understand that logic, those fanboys give Sony a bad name. That being said I have no doubt Ps4 will start to catch up with some good q...

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These Nintendo haters are really reaching now. Y do they hate that Nintendo has the best quality games so much.
I think they must have really low self esteem.

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The writer of this article is a complete idiot. The poor sales of watchdogs has nothing to do with Wii U or Nintendo. This is solely Ubisofts fault. Pricing was wrong, release date was wrong, no marketing. This is completely Ubisofts fault.

The writer clearly has not done his research or is a Nintendo hater. He should resign for this bs article and never write again.

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Where's the guys who constantly shout Sony domination in every article to do with sales? Lol

Personally I don't care about sales but it's funny to have watched the Sony fanboys pre ejaculate over sales thinking that they will always be top in sales lol it's only been like a year, how long does a generation last for? 5,6 years or so. Wii U could be top in the end, but who cares?

As long as good quality games are being made on all consoles, who ...

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The dislikes you probably get are for not telling the truth and probably for fanboyism.

If your the type of fake gamer that is purely about graphical capabilities and sales then you should get permanent disagrees.

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Gutted I'm at work and won't be able to play this untill after 8 tonight. Also got bayonetta 2 to play its still in the wrapper plus picking up a ps3 later to see how good the last of us is and gta5 as I've heard all good things about it.

Not enough hours in the day lol

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It doesn't matter in regards to sales of games but in matters in regards to the quality of games.

I know what I'd be more interested in, quality.
Forget sales, I can't play sales on a console, its all about the GAMES!

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