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Title should state, "you hope that one game won't turn things around for the Wii u" I don't know y all the hate patrol are so scared of Mario kart 8 being released.

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Sssssh no one wants to hear about Nintendo doing right, fanboys and the hate patrol on this site only want to criticize Nintendo.
Didn't you know that no credit is ever allowed to be given to Nintendo, thats illegal round here.

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LMFAO LOL You sir deserve an extra 3 bubbles for that comment. LOL

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Not many kids buy mario karts as kids usually prefer cod type games these days as it makes them feel mature.

Mario karts is a game for the true gamers.
Saying that advertising cant hurt, I'd suggest advertising on the sports, music and movie channels anywhere and everywhere possible.

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Well said.

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Star fox, metroid, conkers bad fur day, bomberman, 1080 snowboarding, street racer and a shooter as addictive as goldeneye 64.

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This is looking to be the best next gen game so far this year.

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Haters are hoping that Mario kart 8 isn't it more like, well lets wait and see. Furthermore lets see what happens at e3.

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Well said

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Oh it's this title again for the billionth time. YAAAAWWWN. Roll on e3 Nintendo needs to put an end to these idiotic articles and haters once and for all by blowing away all competition.

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I agree completely, but the insecure fanboys are way too immature to comprehend this. oh the irony. lol

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Lol my thoughts exactly. But I realized that they're just scared of Nintendo ending up on top after Mario karts is released and because of e3.

All Nintendo need to do is go hard on marketing as Wii u already has the best games so far this gen.
Wii U marketing is the worst tho, I walk in to GAME and on one side of the shop its all blue for ps4 and other side all green for xbone, same thing in Tesco.

Wake up Nintendo aka sleeping giant.

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What's the difference holding your finger or thumb down? It won't make any difference to acceleration. I prefer the way how it is.
trigger would feel awkward

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@PostMesmeric you hit the nail on the head. Theres a lot of haters on here who try and pass their hate off as "constructive criticism" but you never ever see them praise Nintendo for anything.

Even if Nintendo done everything they wanted from a games console they'd still hate.

I expect more of these kind of articles though coming up to Mario kart 8 release date and e3 cause many of these haters fear that Nintendo will come out on top in spite o...

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Not really as the 3ds has been selling forever, nearly everyone has one now.

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Wii U version will be 1080p, hopefully the delay is a good thing

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Really and what makes you a credible business advisor?
How many multi billion dollar businesses have you ran that are as successful as Nintendo?

If you believe you have all the answers then where is the LOL_WUT gaming company?
There isnt one.
How many consoles have you made? oh... none? troll harder. lol d;o)

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I'd be happy with a star fox and metroid (3rd person in a 3d environment) no 2d sidescrolling or 1st person view.

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1) Nintendo to stick their middle fingers up to all the little ignorant unsuccessful sado's/haters who stalk and troll every Nintendo related article and think they know how to run a multi billion dollar business better than they do.

2) star fox Wii u, we can all dream.

3) ps4 price drop and show some quality games that are fun with replay value and not just 95% cutscenes

4) some old skool titles from rare like conkers bad fur day.

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Idiot fanboys like you give Sony a bad name.

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