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After reading stupid click bait title, didnt bother reading article. On to the next one.

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Their games ARE on true next gen hardware.

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LMAO well said.

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As long as it don't take as long as a Sony console, I'm fine.

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Lol what planet are u livin on. Ps4's are selling purely due to hype which is quickly dying.

You probably said the 3ds was destroyed to when it wasn't selling. Lol it's not how you start the race, it's how you finish.

But this is about more than sales Wii U is the better console and has the better games and gameplay.
All the other 2 consoles have to offer is temporary bragging rights about sales. Lol

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Why do you care so much about a game on a console you don't like?
Troll much?

All real gamers bubble this sado down as trolling.

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Well said.

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Should Sony just stick to what their good at and just make hardware as they have never been able to compete with Nintendo when it comes to software.

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And also only have the 3rd party games that are worth having like watchdogs, Assassins Creed, Rayman legends etc...

Wii U have the best 1st 2nd 3rd party and indi games. Best Next gen console by far.

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This troll is really reaching. Lol

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Everyone move on, nothing to read here, just more of the same, another troll. Zzzzz Keep it moving.

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Only to trolls and Sony fanboys.

All the real gamers know that Nintendo is far from over and will always provide the best games and gaming experience.

A better question would be is Sony a dying breed as there riddled with debt.

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"Size doesn't matter" must be a Sony fanboy as no one on earth is as insecure as those folk. Lol They rely on big specs as they have small everything else.

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Lol u don't like anythin related to Nintendo, don't even know why you even bother commenting on Nintendo articles, everyone knows what ur gonna say before you even say it foxtroll.

Game looks amazing. Can't wait to see some gameplay.

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Where are all the usual trolls tryin to hate on a Wii u game? Lol

anyway game looks amazing, was disappointed with sonic lost world, but this is my kinda game.

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Lol wow, r u for real? What do the bananas look like where u come from? Lol

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By your logic, Sony should just stop making games then as they don't make good games, their software is generations behind Nintendo.

you prefer to play games with amazing graphics but poor gameplay.
I choose gameplay over graphics everytime, every hardcore gamer would choose gameplay.
You must be a casual.

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Ps4 needs a price cut with it's poor quality games, just ain't worth the purchase.

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Well said, just another insecure fanboy author.

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Its not how you start, Its how you finish, I think people have wrote the Wii U off way to early.

I think that the Wii U will finish its cycle stronger than both the Xbone and Ps4

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