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I agree it's not n4g it's dumb fanboys with no life, like u, pcz and lol wot. U even try to spin positive news into something negative but u will make sure to go out your way to never miss an opportunity to try and put Nintendo down. U need psychiatric help. Lol

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Very true.

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All commentors must not have a Wii U or must have a really poor internet connection as I've never had any problems playin online on my Wii or Wii U, no glitches or anythin, it always runs smoothly compared to other consoles.

I still love and play Mario kart Wii online and it still runs perfectly.

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Change the record already zzzzz

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What a dumb comment from someone who clearly doesn't have a Wii u.
the Wii u has games with more games to come this year, in fact Wii U has the best line up of games this year than any other console.

so adding some retro stuff to Wii u can only be a good thing.

try again troll. Lol

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Troll article, nothing to read here, everyone move on and ignore this crap.

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This is weird, I've never read a positive Nintendo article on N4G without Lolwot, pcz, foxtrot or other random trolls trying to put a negative twist on it.

Anyway Great Article! Good Read!

I'm looking forward to everything Nintendo has in store for us this year. Hope theres another Direct sometime soon.

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N64 >>>> PS4 and Xbone

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Sony is only dominating in sales and hype.
When it comes to actual gaming, Nintendo are always the best and second is Microsoft.

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Well said

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Lol I know, sony fanboys inparticular can't stand to see anything positive about Nintendo.

Where are all the trolls? Lol wot, pcz and the other one, forgot his name.
There running late, I wonder how the fanboys are gonna downplay this article.....

Awaits disagrees..... Lol

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Lol funny.

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The same people that were critizing Mario world are the same ones critizing this game, fanboys love to critisize, the game isn't even finished yet and fanboys are going on like the little trailer they've seen is how the game is going to look,and they think that they know how its gonna play etc... Smh @ fanboys

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I doubt it as most Wii U games are 1080p 60fps so I doubt they'll hold back on Mario Karts.

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Lol at this fanboy. Lol

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No one waited when the Wii U came, all the fanboys kept sayin look at the Wii U its got no games, some still say it now lol. So why should it be any different for ps4.

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They have a new "real" Zelda game that they are working on. Dumbass.

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U took the words right out of my mouth. Agree 100% smh

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Where are all the Nintendo trolls? Lol I guess they fear these directs so they hide away and only come out if the article is titled with somethin negative.

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