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Depends on what your comparing.
If your comparing sales Ps4, Xbone then Wii U.

If your comparing quality gaming experience, games with good gameplay then Wii U, Xbone then Ps4.

@Mikefizzled But what 3rd party game is blowing anyone away at the moment and when they are released there usually broken and in need of patches etc.
Wii U has a good line up this year and don't know what suprises they have for us at e3

But for bes...

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Moan moan moan, friggin ell, I don't know why you even bother with Nintendo as you find a problem with 99% of everything they do, all doom and gloom with you.

Im looking forward to playing super mario 64 and glad they've finally added it to the virtual console.

@Xof nah Nintendo's not perfect or flawless but its also not as bad as people like to make out.
Haters are Quick to point out the negative but slow to say anything positive.

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Wii U is the most underrated console in history.
One of the best consoles I've ever played and I've played them all.

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Keeping expectations very low

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Delusion at its finest, please go back to playing with Barbie dolls

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Is it me or do these Wii U haters get dumber and dumber? Lol

I don't think any gamer has wrote off the Wii U apart from the sales obsessed kids of course.
I can't take anyone serious who goes on sales to determine how good ANYTHING is let alone a games console.

When it comes to quality, creative, fun games that arnt broken and need patches etc... Wii U is still leading the market So it's far from being written off

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Lol unfortunately your probably not far from the truth. Directs are usually disappointing. I Bet there will be far too much talk on handhelds 3ds.

At this point in time the whole direct should be focused on the Wii U Only.

I hope Nintendo make me eat my words though and prove me wrong, give us some hope. Lol

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The title says good games not crappy games like bloodborne. Lol learn to read.

Ot there's plenty good new games for Wii U this year as well as unnounced ones. This is just another stupid click bait article

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Star Fox, Devils Third, Xenoblade, splatoon, Projects Cars, Metroid as no Zelda and whatever other suprises they have waiting for us at e3.

Wii U is no1 when it comes to gaming But last place in sales.

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Replace Nintendo fanboys with Sony Fanboys and you'll have a point, the worst type of fanboys. No one beats the stupidity, dellusions and insecurities of a Sony fanboy.

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I think Ps4 has proved that quality gaming doesn't matter in general and is in a state of decline.

It doesn't matter if they have broken and uncreative games with poor gameplay, people will still buy ps4 because it's the popular/cool thing to do, mainly casuals to be fair.
If the ps4 didn't have any games for 2 years it would still sell millions because they have a very blind, casual fanbase that follow trends.
Sony is genius for there marketin...

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Yawn... Same old boring Sony with rubbish games, they need to rely on graphics to take your attention away from how crap the game is.

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Tumble weed rolls past.
Positive Nintendo news is not welcomed here.

Please stick to the negative and all hail Sony

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Ps4 is the most disappointing for me, all bark but no bite, no creativity, no quality exclusives, needs to rely heavily on 3rd party support and graphic gimmicks or it wouldn't even exist.

Least disappointing Wii U, strictly for real gamers.

Xbone somewhere in the middle.

@Unreal01 and so is your ironical name

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Because Japan prefers quality working games.
They don't buy consoles based on sales they by buy it based on what will give them the best gaming experience.

Ps4 is only has sales to brag about but no actual real gaming.

Ps4 is the Justin beiber of gaming, Big sales, but crap with no substance, mainly for little insecure girls

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Lol is this a joke? The only thing ps4 has won is sales but most real gamers don't buy a console just to count sales, Gamers buy consoles for GAMES which is something ps4 doesn't have.

The little games Ps4 does have are broken or just crap. No creativity, no challenge, crappy and boring gameplay, interactive movies aka not really a game. Lol

Ps4 is the new Wii, casuals buying it cause its the popular thing to do and the games are easy and not challeng...

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Just like the majority of playstation games, no substance, no creativity, crappy gameplay, no challenge, boring and usually broken in need of patches.
Because of this playstation gamers just focus on graphics and sales as thats the only thing playstation has going for it unfortunately.

When it comes to quality games your better off getting a Wii U.

Casuals = PS4
Real Gamers = Wii U, PC, Xbone

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Nah it's not because it's a good game, I wish it was.
It's because majority of Sony fans are stupid, ignorant and arrogant and wouldn't know a real game if it bit them in the ass all they "play" is interactive movies as it's easy and poses no challenge and the has poor gameplay.

Sony fans don't care much for actually playing games, they care more about the sales of the console or game.
Ideally they should just purchase a calcu...

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Im not suprised as it's mainly casuals who have those consoles.

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Crappest game ever. Very overrated

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