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Just like your so hostile to the Wii U. Pot kettle black. Lol But I'll let you off as your mentally retarded and it's not your fault that you were born as an idiot.

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Wii U will be first
ps4 and xbone maybe joint second

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Sony are only good when it comes to hardware, but when it comes to quality software they get blown away.

They need some classics that can stand the test of time.

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But it's the best when you look at it from the games and gameplay perspective and that is what matters to real gamers.

Ps4 is for the casuals and fanboys who only care about spec and sales.

xbone, I am thinking of getting one of these in the future, but Wii u will definitely be the most played console.

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But no one else were bragging that their console of choice would have world domination like the Sony fanboys were.

Everyone else were just more interested in actually playing games as opposed to sales and graphics.

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The Wii U will come back, I don't know why people think that ps4 sales numbers cant be overtaken and its untouchable.

This generation has just started and people are already claiming victory for Ps4.
A console generation is a looong time and a lot can happen/change, all these fanboys are premature ejaculating over their ps4's

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I was excited at first when I heard that there might be a Diddy Kong racing 2 but then I started thinking exactly what you've commented.
It would be a waste of time and resources,that time and resources could be better used on a new Metroid.

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I wouldn't of bought a xbone or ps4 without owning a Wii U first.

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I agree but try telling that to a Sony fanboy lol. Apparently it's all about power/graphics, sales and movie sequences. Gaming is irrelevant to them, it's all about bragging rights.

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Whats that got to do with anythin? The PS4 isnt as innovative as the Wii U.

Just because something has more power doesn't make it better, where do you narrow minded stupid people come from? Jeez

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To win??? you 2 above are idiots and are what's wrong with the gaming community, how old r u? 5.
How much profit will you receive from the sales of any console? None

who cares which console sells the most, it's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard.

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Most uninformed comment ever. U clearly must just be a casual or a fanboy to be so uninformed. Bubble down for stupidity.

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Need for speed? Assassin's creed? Rayman legends? Watch dogs? Bayonetta? They all say hello. Wii U is more than capable to run any game that's on any other console, the developers just dont want to develop for Nintendo because their games rarely live up to the quality of Nintendo exclusives and Nintendo don't kiss their asses and pay them extra.

I'd choose quality over quantity everytime, I think most gamers would.

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Nintendo has always had a "mature" audience. Dumb article. Nintendo is always the place to be for the real gamers who actually like to play challenging and fun games instead of constantly watching cinimatics with no real gameplay.

Immature/fake Gamer = someone obsessed with the sales of console. Someone who judges how good a console purely on spec/power.

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Wow really? U must be about 12 yrs old. U missed out on a lot of excellent games. Makes me feel old and I'm only in my mid twenties.

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I've always wondered, in America they call football soccer, so are the fifa football games called soccer over there aswell?

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People who relish in it are usually very sad people with no life and are lacking something in their lower region and they just take all their insecurities and criticisms out on Nintendo for some reason as it makes them feel better about themselves.
It's a mental disorder, no normal person relishes at anyone who is in crisis.

Nintendo's not perfect and has made some pretty crap decisions, but these weird folk take it way to far.
Don't know whether t...

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Agreed Nintendo has both quality and quantity, so I'm glad that isn't an issue.

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It's hilarious how much sado's care about sales of a console. Your not receiving any profits made from any console.

Smh fanboys need to get a life.

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you can never silence Nintendo critics they have been deprived of brain cells and will continue you repeat the same critique against Nintendo for all eternity.

Even if there was nothing to criticize and Nintendo made all the changes critics wanted, they would just try and find something else to criticize, they would probably start critizing the way in which Nintendo is spelt, they'd say the "ten" in NinTENdo should be digits not letters or something stupid like ...

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