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yeh, like last year E3? That was priceless :D

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Sony Bend's unannounced game, yes? :D

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@Edvin: It's not about the visual fidelity for PS4, but also its high quality games. Never count Sony out when it comes to quality games and last gen is an example.

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Because Sony trademarked this game a while back? If it's not exclusive, why bother?

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So lets me get this straight. You came to this article and barked about how PS4 fanboys get excited over a new game. Pathetic much?

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You asking too much of him to stay away from this article lol... He cant resist the temptation to go and troll every sony article. :))

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@kingduqc ever heard of optimization? If devs know how to optimize the system, then the graphics would be much better. Don't just blame the consoles...

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@starchild are u really comparing PC version of WD with ISS? @@

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goddam it , why does Sony do this to me? I have a fking final at 6pm =((((

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lol hahah all the haters keep saying how The Order is GOW's clone.

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@InThelab: lol how the heck do we know if Sony has anything beside DC? Are you one of the insiders that know everything too? If you're gonna call out PS4 for being like xbox 360, then at least wait after E3 . And btw, we don't care if you will pick up an Xbox this summer or not.

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@DevillishSix: oh for godsake, if you like GOW, go play it. And please, GOW didn't set the bar for co-op.

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Ok so i was pretty excited this morning when I received my copy. The opening mission was good, but then it got boring real fast for me. I love open world games like Infamous, gta, etc but watch dogs doesnt really stand out to me. I will probably trade in and get D3 when its release. Oh and the graphic feels like last gen beside the opening scene.

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lol dude, you arent gonna play it anyway. Nice try...

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look at the comment below me. And Shinobi has been on point about his rumours. He was the one that said about The Order's delay like a week ago. And according to him, Arkham knight isnt on the list of games to be release this year.

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we still dont know what other games Sony has up their sleeves for this year.

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I feel like Arkham knight might get delayed as well :(

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remind me of a game like shenmue that sold well on xbox? lol. Didnt shenmue 2 flop on xbox haha

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So have you played those games by yourself? Or you just look at those metacritic scores and reviews.

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i feed sad for you. Trolling Ps article with that same generic " ps4 has no games" crap. lol

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