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Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. SO is the best IP Insomniac has? Give me a break.

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I have 4 words for you. Ted Price is a moron. That guy always count on Sony to bail them out ><

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o.o ohhhhhh I want me some Slyyyyy!!!!

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@Jalva: can i have whatever u smoking? UC and GOW are not system sellers, then I dont know what is. Also, Sony has a wide variety of games that can move unit, while MS system sellers has always been Halo, gears, forza.

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@Gaffyh: Yeh type-0 on psp was so weird. The camera was horrible and felt a bit clunky to me.

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@itsbebryan: LOL, at least those games are not a mess like MCC.

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Well it's a toss up between Ps4 and 3ds for DQ11.

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lol Scalebound? Sorry, but Bloodborne is the darkhorse this year.

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I dont recall buying games based on reviews during PS1 era. So why should I cared about reviews to buy games for this gen anyway? Sites such as Polygon, IGN are what wrong with the industry today.

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Haha the butthurt is strong with this one.

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Many others and myself didnt own a PS3 last gen, so TLOU Remaster on PS4 was the best business decision from Naughty Dogs to let people who missed out the game can enjoy this masterpiece.

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@theFro: well I will also be playing Ori, but its on PC. :p

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Margot Robbie..... HHngggggg :3

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lol i thought Xbox fanboys claim indie games arent real games? You cant have it both ways buddy.

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It shows how pathetic xbox fanboys really are. I mean compare xbox one with 360, really? lol

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They already did advertise it in theaters.

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In E3 2015, we trust! :p

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lol Polygon gave TLOU a 7.5 and Titanfall a 9. Thats tell you a lot about Polygon credential.

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@Genuine: playing catch-up sounds fun. Ps4 has that feature since day1, yet Xbox1 is about to have it now?

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I wouldnt count on any MS and Capcom partnership at this time.

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