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This year E3, Nintendo> Sony > MS

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yep, xbox fans are arguing that DC is nothing compared to FH2 on twitter lol

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oh mine, if this is true. Im going to buy a wii u tomorrow @@

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still in denial :)

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Well the things is we already knew about SO, forza 2, Spark, fable legend. So basically, only 4 news game including 1 remake. How is that impressive with all the hype that Phil promised before E3?

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how i could not expect more from them? Phil made it look it before E3

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I'm so sorry, but whats good about it? Beside spending 90% of time talking about DLC exclusives...

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lol MS fans like: in Phil we trust :)

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exactly, why dont they spend money on creating 1st party games rather than just keep securing 3rd pt exclusives. Didnt MS learn that the hard way last gen?

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The Limited edition has a foil cover,while the regular version doesn't. Only the CE has stickers, pins + hat

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@george: ;) I bet u r excited for it, aren't u?

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Just one question, have u played those games before u open ur big mouth and bash about those games. Talking about sequences, Halo, Forza, Gears of war, ring a bell?

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Now that makes sense. Phil Spencer has been mentioning about something exciting, maybe he was refering to hames as a new type of food for MS gamers ;)

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FFXV Delay of Game will launch on PS5/Xbox720 in Winter 2020

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not sure where u get that info about Sony Bend. They havent comment on whether they will be at E3 or not.

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God I hate ppl when they make an argument about something and then said ''I own this, and I own that...'' blah blah craps. It's great you like the vita, but trolling other ps fans or just trolling in general is just sad and somewhat pathetic.

And oh, calling someone1 stupid isn't gonna make u any smarter. In fact, it makes you look uneducated because who the heck r u to tell whether he/she is stupid or not. What a moron...

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Portland! Woop woop!! ;)

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@trufans: '' has the haters reaching'', really? Aren't u the one always come to Sony articles and post nonsense craps every time?

@chopstick: so Lukas can't post his opinions? Why it always has to be either Sony and MS? Such a closed mind...And oh, why don't u, truefan and georgenoob get a room already?

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@KNWS+ HugoDrax: At least think it through before posting nonsense craps. If M$ announced Shenmue 3 as exclusive, can you imagine the backlash that Sega will receive from Japanese fans? Oh, and have you heard? Shenmue 2 flopped on xbox lol

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@Alex: wait, Santa Monica wont be at E3?

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