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Maybe Dragon Quest Heroes? If yes, hoorayyy

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haha good luck with that micracle of your,

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what? I dont think I received any credits from Sony. Was this different than the 20% discount?

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lol wth are u talking about? The game will be release on both ps3 and ps4. If u are refering to P4G as ur point, then good luck waiting for at least 5 years.

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New flash, people finished UC 1 in 1hr and Gears 1 in 1.59 hrs. Troll much?

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Hold on to ur pants guys....Maybe we will finally see The Last...

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:p wow, the salt in this thread is real

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:o isnt on xbox one? Oh wait....

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haha true. Cant say something like that because you never know....

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Uhm no, its their slides so they can use whatever font they want. Its not their faults, but ur guys fault for assuming it to be MGR2

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Direct by Shuhei...There I said it!

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Well Xenoblade is almost done according to nintendo, same as zelda. Mad max will be release this year, alongside the movie. NMS will probably release this summer, and MGS maybe in nov or dec.

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@garrett: I was referring to Rare after MS's acquisition.

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lol how many good games did rare make? Compared to Sony WWS, MS is nowhere closed. Oh wait, ND > all those MS studios alone.

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hahah the butthurt is strong for this 1

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hold ur horse there cowboy, but Resistance? :p

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:3 it will always spread when it comes to Resistance

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@smielman: god, insomniac always run back to sony when they are in trouble, arent they?

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Abizzel as director for next killzone confirmed? :p

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why bother upgrading to next gen at all if ur console cant handle 1080?

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