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excuse me, sir? Tomb Raider isnt 1080p, at least get your fact straight. And Forza, really? They downgraded the hell out of it to have 1080p and 60fps. lol

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are you a moron or just plain ignorant? Xbone is getting outsell in major market, i.e: U.K. How can you explain that? Don't give me that X1 is selling in less territories excuse. lol

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@AndrewLB: You do know that PS4 topped NPD for March right? :)

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@ Gozer: xbone gears toward hardcore gaming? So I'd assume PS4 isn't, heh? And please, Xbone offers more features and better versions lol? You really must be out of your mind rite now lol...

@ Mrpsy: lol and PS4 will sale like hotcakes...

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Square Enix: " Please be excited" lol

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hmm more valuable? It has inferior specs compared with ps4. Maybe price friendly, but not valuable...

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@gozer lol you dont understand how businesses run, do you? Sometimes company lets people go and hires new people to have new and fresh ideas. Plus every sec costs $$, you cant fire a person and leaves that post emty for days. Thats why Sony starts hiring as soon as someone leaves.

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Well as long as Sony keeps pumping out high quality games, it doesnt really matter. Plus people come and go, thats just business nowadays.

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lol is the author and I playing the same game? Or the author just talking out of his ass ...

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@bakpain lol higher attach rate on xbone? Are you out of your mind right now?

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I'm with you there. That's feeling when you unwrap a new game :)

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you lost me at the cloud power lol

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It takes more than dx12 and cloud to save xbone. i wonder what M$ come up next?

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Well unless Watch Dog sells good on wii u, or ubisoft might drop the support for Wii as they already mentioned

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booohooo, get over it. I see you on every PS articles, if u dont like this website then go somewhere else ...

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hmmm but do you see that ps4 sells far better than wii u, despite having high scores on both mario 3d and wind waker :)

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lol its really pathetic when you compare forza 5 vs kz. They dowgraded Forza so it could run at 1080p lol

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lol best looking game visually on xbone? Give me a break ...As someone mentioned, Ryse is inferior to ISS, plus Ryse is 900p lol

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lol You read the reviews? But have you played it? Rule of thumb, don't judge a game by reviews..

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lol repetitive? I bet you havent play the game. You just watch a couple of videos on the internet and comment like you have played it.

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