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i just got the game for $33 from amazon. God, this game is amazing :D

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@Cpt: You played the floor demo version? lol... Thats the easy version as Miyazaki pointed out himself

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Please dont go around and spit out bs info. It makes you look like an idiot.

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So sad that this generation neds to wait for reviews to purchase a game. But whats worst is that ppl pretend to buy a game by coming up with some lame excuses, even my grandma can do that.

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@no limit: Why do I always see u trolling on ps articles?

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lol wtf did I just read? PS4 alreadu surpassed 16 mil and heading toward 18 by the end of this year. And when did Wii U reach 20 mil sales?

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lol is xbox1 that desperate to compared its sales with last gen? Why not compare it to ps4?

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@Angelica at least do a bit of research when post a comparison like that. Sony has The order, UC4, Until Dawn, Bloodborne, Ultra SF4, Ratchet and Clank, SFV will not release next year though.

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take crackdown, scalebound, phantom dust off that list. Those 3 arent release anytime soon

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@ziggrucat uhmm MCC is a success? Online matchmaking was a mess and its still a problem for me and my friends.

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plz dont put QB in the same sentence as UC. QB looks great but its not on the same lvl as UC4

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Uhmmm...That's steal disagrees,I think we have some serious salty ppl in this thread

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That's great for RAD. My friend played it yesterday and he told me that The Order blew him away, especially the gunfire and the environment.

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Its like you are raging about not getting it.

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UC4 will be there. ND confirmed it.

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Ehem, unlike MS who gave up developing xbox 360 games in its last year. Sony was still supporting and pumping out games for Ps3.

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honestly, vgchartz isnt a reliable source. And retailers always want extra stock, especially during the holiday.

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@benji: lol pokemon has been released with the same shit over and over again with little new contents, yet ppl are still blindly buying it. Worst way of milking a franchise...While gta has always bring something new to the table. So take ur pick.

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@mediate lol more than 33 millions sold last gen. so yeh a lot of ppl bought it last gen

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i believe last gen can do 900p though, so why bother upgrading new console.

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