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They will release a new IP during the Holiday, especially Sony. GT7 and GOW4 are the two candidates for Holiday 2016.

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Zeroooo Dawnnnn!

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Do you even play the game?

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It will be on PC and PS4. And not likely on xbox though.

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it was verendus.

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If they decide to release it in the spring, do they want to go against UC4. MS should release it by early 2016, March would be ideal.

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Sure Halo, GoW and RotTR are big. But MS really needs to give forza series a break. Forza 5 released not too long ago, and now they are releasing Forza 6?

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Many big Halo fans already bought xbox1 when MCC released.

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Calling someone retarded shows how much mature you are.

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Yes thats true, Kojima himself has always been a Sony fan. The relationship between him and SCE is pretty mutual if you read his tweets.

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@Lord: its doesnt mean anything. See Ueda and Sony, even though he doesnt work for Sony anymore, he still works on TLG. Same with Kojima, he will continue to oversee MGSV DLC and such. I see this as a good move for Kojima himself anyway. He can go independent, and work on whatever he wants.

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lol you cant play those games anyway.

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so Ori and the blind forest and Resogun are not indie? Someone please enlighten please.

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Do you believe on whatever MS or the devs said after the deal has been done?

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That lvl of salt in your body is not healthy.

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i thought xbox fans said indies are not games.

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Fable, Elite dangerous are also available on PC. ED will come to PS4 at a later date.

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Zelda will definitely release this year along with UC4. JC3 will likely get delayed since Mad Max is coming in Sept.

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Please dont use the word ''Japs'' in any of ur comment.

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Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. SO is the best IP Insomniac has? Give me a break.

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