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Uhm, there will be one more game from Sony this holiday season beside LBP3.

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Well it's coming this holiday for PS4/X1/PC

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And this proves what? Wii u has been out longer, therefore larger install base. btw, why did u even mention ps4? I dont think i mentioned it in my post.

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3DS is very popular, yes. But Wii U, is definitely not popular in Japan.

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Capcom in the hand of MS? Are u out of ur mind? -.-

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I'm not sure what type of drug MS has been giving u, but you, sir are a completely moron :)

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any1 wanna partner up? Cant get pass one of the boss. id: Elfstruck

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@gamerfan lol u r the fanboy. He/she was just expressing his opinion and you already jumped to a conclusion that he/she is a fanboy.

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To everyone who want to get into the Destiny Alpha. As long as you registered with ur PSN ID, you will be able to participate in the Alpha this weekend.

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Sony fanboys? Nothing to see here guys, the butthurt is strong for this one.

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I'm excited for it too. The visual+ gameplay look so fun. Can't understand all the negativity about this game from other people.

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@bundi: uhmm sony fans? They can think whatever they want. That is their opinion. If you think the game is bad, don't play it.

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@Lukas: apparently they said that xbox one have power of the cloud.... smfh

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You are referring to MM? They are not making LBP3, SumoDigital is. MM is working on something new

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rumor is that Sony pulled one big game from E3 line up. They probably save it for gamescom or TGS

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nope PS2 was never meant to be a launch title to begin with. Beside if you expect to have a bunch of games to be release within the first year, then I quess u shouldnt buy new console in its first year.

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Sony didnt even bother to announce Bend, GG, MM, Sony London, SSM, ND's new title. So well, once they are start rolling out, we will see. Last gen rings a bell?

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I cant wait for this game. Just look at this @@

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SO will not not stand a chance against games like Farcry 4 or AC Unity. Beside there are many more games that are more appealing than SO.

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@thorstein yes MM said that they are working on something new. They will probably show it at Gamescom

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