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If you arent interested in the game, why come to this article? Just to troll heh, you sure have alot of free time on hand.

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Care to eleborate on why its play like Gears? Because from what i've seen, The Order has its own unique element that is no where close to Gears.

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Apparently there are still lot of people who care about this game, including me.

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because naughty dog already proven that they are too capable at making high quality games.

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lol because a decent gaming pc is not $400, simple as that.

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@to eveyone: you guys shouldnt argue with KNWS or take this guy seriously. He said that Xbone CPU is way better than PS4s one on the other article. What a joke lol

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GT says hi :)

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It's been delayed until fall.

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Well, it could be either 900 or 1080p for xbox one, but why does it matter? Xbox gamers dont care about resolution anyway.

@KNWs wow CPU better on xbone lol

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@XStation: are you on crack? Forza graphic is mediocre at best. Those cardboard trees lol....
Oh and ISS downgraded? I bet you don't have the game or even a PS4.

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Sold over 4mil..... yet, shipped doesn't mean sold.

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GT trilogy is coming , I think?

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@imt because they dont see the differences between the 2 cars , including me...

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@higgen Wii u has been out for more than a year, while PS4 has been out for about 5 months. Yet you are comparing the library of games between them lol. You should have compared how many quaility games that Wii u have during its first 5 months and see how it pan out...Oh, and call Sony fanboy nearsighted doesnt make your argument any better. It actually makes you look worse than those fanboys.

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Oh ok, let me get this straight. You know that this site is pro Sony and you dont like it. Yet you still read news from this site and even commented on it. Why dont you visit other sites then? Just my 2 cents...

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Only a few games can hit 1080p/60p. But isnt Ryse run at 900p/60p or am i wrong?

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Count me in! My PSN ID: Elfstruck

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You said its the fact, but no link to back it up?

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@Farsen hmmm i sure love ISS story

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@Wraith: nice try there, I bet you looked at those downgraded screenshots months ago lol

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