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I would kill for SO2. SO is my favorite game this gen and my all time favorite series is Ratchet.

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I'm an obsessive family Guy fan. Don't get all the hate. The first 11 seasons are amazing.

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Hopefully they fix the completely broken controls from the PS4 version and I'll rebuy it.

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One of the most underrated games I have ever played.

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I think Drawn to Death is one of the most underrated games I've ever played.

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Glad to see it's getting support and a dev is supporting 3rd person VR, but I doubt I will ever hook up my PSVR again. After my Pro was sent in for repairs it just sounds like too much work to hook back up. I spent many hours on setting up the headset to the camera and was never able to get trough the motion tracking. And the motion controllers are hard to charge.

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Sunset Overdrive and Bulletstorm would be my picks.

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Microsoft suspended me for a week because when I was playing MW2 someone reported me that I said "monster dong" over the headset.

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I love my Vita. Much better than my Switch imo. Vita had so many awesome platformers (ratchet, sly, jak, Tearaway, LBP), and a ton of games through Plus. I've recently went back to my Vita because I'm not caring for the switch (I love mario but didn't like Odyssey and I've never cared for Zelda), but unfortunately the Vita is dead to me in terms of new games because I don't like JRPGs.

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I don't know why you are getting so many thumbs down. Bioshock wasn't very linear. You even had a map and often had to figure out where to go. I think the sequels were a bit more linear tho (although I do remember not knowing where to go once in Infinite and getting a little stuck).

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I've only played Nier, Horizon, and Zelda, but I'd give a big advantage to Horizon and I think Nier was the worst of the 3.

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Higher than I would have given the Wii U Xenoblade. Searching for where to go for hours and not knowing what to do when you get there is not fun. Plus the shooting/fighting sucked.

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Cool, bunch of people justifying this. There was no excuse for sony to include such a poor camera and move controllers, for the tracking to be so bad, and for no HDR pass-though. PSVR made moving everything out of my living to play Kinect sound easy.

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The game is no way beautiful. Its repetive looking and everything is washed out and in 30FPS. I wish there were cool ruins and castles to explore and neater looking enemies.

Yeah 7/10 is an above average score from me for sure. I don't regret buying it.

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I love my 3D tv so much. I wish the tech would have taken off.

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For what its worth, I spent probably 12-15 hours just trying to set up the camera orientation but wasn't able to because the camera would never properly track the lights during it. I like my headset somewhat, but it is so hard to use and having to unhook for HDR that when I got my Pro back from being serviced I haven't hooked my headset up and probably never will. Just too much work.

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Kind of a ugly, tedious game. Not sure why its so loved. It was like a 7/10 to me but I've only collected two divine beasts.

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Well it takes about 10 days to set up.

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It's so weird to me that people make this claim. The SNES came out two years after the Genesis so of course it was more powerful. The N64 released two years after PS1. The GC one year after the PS2.

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