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I would give it half that. 3.25. The camera and controls were atrocious and half the time I had no idea what to do.

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I got it. I think Farpoint will probably make me sick but at $64 for the bundle at BB I couldn't refuse.

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Frame rate is really important to me. I hate 30 FPS games. Switch is lucky because on a portable FPS isn't as crucial. And obviously resolution looks better on a small screen. But still, FPS matter. I have a Switch and I wish it was a bit more powerful and the screen was better. The Switch screen scratches really easy and I wish it was 900p.

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How? I thought you could only do it on a PC and it wasn't easy. I've only messed with the Vita version but I saw no way to look at and download other people's levels.

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What I don't understand about Minecraft is you can't simply upload your world and/or download other people's right? Like LBP and Mario Maker. I just don't understand the point without that. I have no interest in making levels but I could download other people amazing creations I could see getting into Minecraft.

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It's the best first person shooter this gen imo. A major improvement from the original. Not perfect, but fairly close. T2 does a wonderful job of mixing up the game play and makes just running around fun and something that takes time to master.

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Yeah Pro is pretty pointless. Sony seems to have problems with everything that isn't the standard PS4. Pro was released too early and should have focused on 1080p 60fps before quasi 4k. I don't regret getting one, but it is fairly pointless. There should be much greater gains considering it's over twice as powerful as ps4. There should be no 30FPS games.

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Yeah only Nintendo is doing that.

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Tried playing MK8 two nights ago and got a communication error every single game.

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You're wife sounds like a lucky lady. She gets to watch you play a video game.

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LOL. If anything, they need a portable only version.

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OK thanks.

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This looks fun but I've barely touched the game. Do you have to beat the game first to access the DLC?

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Metroid Prime isn't that big of a franchise & doesn't really fit for a portable so I don't think Nintendo automatically wins E3 with it

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They just need some games. Announce some Wii U ports (I want Mario 3D World and Mario Maker the most ) and pay for some 3rd party support. And improve the online.

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I'm not a Zelda fan at all. I would go as far as to say I strongly dislike the Zelda series. I also already had two copies of MK8 and the DLC on Wii U and wasn't exactly craving a MK8 port, but I bought them both on Switch because there is nothing else on Switch. Only other game I have is Fast RMX. I haven't even put a Switch game on my Gamefly list yet. Just crazy considering PS4 had games I was really looking forward to at launch. I got Resogun, CoD, BF4, Killzone, and Nee...

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You're forgetting Nier, MLB, drawn to Death, Kingdom Hearts remasters, Dragon Quest Heroes 2, Edith Finch, Zero Espcape, Night in the Woods, Hatsune Miku, Psychonauts VR, Gravity Rush 2 and a bunch more Japanese games. XB1 has sucked so far this year but they had Gears 4, Dead Rishing 4, and Forza at the end of last year. And of course they get all the 3rd party games.

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Really surprised some liked the demo. I assumed most would hate it like me. Terrible graphics and control.

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Yep, so underrated.

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Have you recently received brain trauma? The screen on the Switch is a touch screen. It is a gamepad.

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