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Wish I would have known about $15 back before I purchased Psychonauts VR today. And for those of you who don't have Titanfall 2, you should have Titanfall 2.

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It's not a demanding game at all and it doesn't even look very good anyway. It's 900p 30fps.

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Not sure how that is trolling. The Switch is over-priced. If it was Sony or Microsoft they would take a loss and it would cost $250 at the very most.

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I hope you can play any mode at any time, there is a horde mode, no more dialogue bubbles to read, a standard team death match, doesn't kick you out of the lobby every 4 hours, and a much longer campaign. Campaign in the original was brilliant.

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I wish sony didn't take so many risks with new IPs. I would love more Ratchet and Jak.

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Sony has so many properties I would love on a handheld. Much more than Nintendo. Not sure I would trust Sony to actually support it though. But they have the properties and they are definitely better with hardware than Nintendo. A portable PS4 that has a disc drive would be amazing.

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The Switch looks like crap but I have never understood waiting to get a console. Just get it day 1 and enjoy it rather than waiting a year to save $50. Gamers are really cheap though. Personally, I don't care about Zelda and there's nothing else at launch so I won't get one on launch day.

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Not really. Not as big as other Sony franchises they gave up on. Resistance and Jak and Sly were better and sold better.

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Usually Sony moves on from franchises too quickly, but they did the opposite with KZ. Sony just wanted it to be huge and wouldn't give up. I hope they stay away from that franchise for ever. Bring back awesome games like Jak instead.

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How is the Switch launch varied? Zelda and World of Good and 1-2 Switch. Such variety. PS4 and XB1 had games that people actually cared about. So did the Wii U launch for that matter. PS4/X1 had 1st person shooters, 3rd person shooters, sports games, open world (assassin's Creed and Dead Rising), Platformers (Knack, Skylanders), arcade games (Resogun), acclaimed smaller games and indies (Flower), and horror games.

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This is crazy. PS4 and XB1 launched with games like COD, Battlefield, Fifa, NBA 2k, and Madden. Plus a few exclusives and indies. Switch is launching with their 6th most popular franchise which is also releasing on WiiU with minimal graphical downgrading. People really exaggerate the popularity of Zelda.

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People keep saying you don't need a web browser or Netflix because all phones have those features. But guess who likes tablets and don't have phones? Kids. It needs those features to succeed with that demographic. I'm around a lot of kids without phones and Youtube and Google and Netflix are essential for them.

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My son love PS Now. He streams them at my ofc through our PSTV, PS3, and VIta. Makes me made because just last week I extended my annual membership.

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I would never admit to playing MK8 at the park with my friend.

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Well since all gamers already own a ps4 I guess the correct answer is switch? Switch looks terrible but I buy all consoles. Nothing at launch interests me so I will wait til splatoon 2.

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How is the Switch different? Many portables before it could plug into a tv. They took the most generic idea, the exact idea millions of people had suggested, and went with that rather than trying something unique.

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Biggest problem I have with PS VR is tracking. They got rid of most of the drifting issues but I still have a lot of problems with the dumb camera tracking everything & the position of the headset jumping around.

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Nintendo also needs to start innovating.

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This is crap. I just renewed my membership for a year and I only use it through my Vita, PS TV, and PS3. So my two PSTVS are completely useless now. They should at least refund people who use it through those devices. You would think it would be false advertising.

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There's an enormous difference between remastering a year old game that is widely considered one of the best games ever made, to remastering a three year old racing game. A game that half the tracks were already ported over from old games. And with much less graphical upgrades than TLoU. Plus, Sony got a lot of crap for charging $50 for TLoU remastered. Nintendo is charging $60 for this.

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