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I've been saying all along I want Wii U ports. The ports I want the most would he Mario Maker without the dumb restriction because it would be perfect for a handheld, Mario 3D World because that game is amazing, and the very underrated Captain Toad.

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Nintendo fanboys would never admit that Mario Kart 8 or Splatoon had online issues on Wii U. The first few months of MK8 I would get kicked out of about 35% of races & often be in races with just one or two other people. They eventually improved it tho. Splatoon had a significant amount of lag. Absolutely unplayable occasionally. Plus some connection issues. I have barely player Switch games online but in my little experience MK8D seemed to run fine but there are obviously some really ann...

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my 2016 GOTY.

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Overwatch owns FPS? Pretty sure CoD and Battlefield have a much higher player count. And Titanfall 2 is better than Overwatch.

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Kristen, the dark haired girl on X Play, was so damn hot. Wonder what happened to her.

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I'm a big fan of platformers but I thought this was one of the worst I've ever played. Terrible control and camera and its hard to even know where to go and what to do.

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I got a Switch yesterday and put it in the dock one time and there was a scratch on it. The first thing you should do is put a screen protector on it.

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I don't agree with the list at all. No Hyrule or the Wario mine one.

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Weak month. Last month was so good too with the underrated Drawn to Death.

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This game sucks imo. Confusing and horrible control and camera.

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The only Nintendo games I have really liked in the last decade were 3D World, 3D Land, Splatoon, Mario Maker. Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker, and maybe Mario Kart 8. Pokemon, Zelda and Animal Crossing all bore the hell out of me.

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I will never understand why people thing climbing in BotW is so amazing and ground breaking. I hate climbing in games.

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Yooka Layle is a terrible game imo. Horrible camera and control and what you are supposed to be doing is confusing.

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I played this for a couple hours and then sent it back to Gamefly. I was really excited about it but the control and camera are horrendous and I don't know where to go. 3/10 imo.

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Wow, not a single franchise I care about.

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"Purposely ugly game that's drawn by an untalented main character?" The kid is creative and a really good artist. The game is gorgeous. Best art design so far this year, easily. And the concept is amazing. I don't get the bad reviews. The game is a blast. Only problem is match making.

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I don't understand the poor reviews for this game. It is so much fun. And the beautiful art design, awesome music, and originality alone makes it at least a 7 imo. Only problem is the match making issues. Takes too long & almost always puts u in a 2 on 1 match rather than 2 on 2. But the game is so much fun. The micro transactions are just cosmetic and there is a ton of content for a $20 game so I don't know what this critic is talking about.

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After the awesome opening the game was boring, glitchy, and repetitive. I don't understand the critical acclaim of this game but the critical hatred of Drawn to Death, which I love.

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I wouldn't use this feature much, but it would be nice for a game like Holoball for PS VR. I couldn't even get passed the orientation because it kept tracking me like 20 feet from where I really was.

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All I've seen is Scorpio people trolling.

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